Hello, dear reader of my first post!

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How are you? Wait… Don’t answer that. Unless you want to, leave me a reply. Since this is my first ever blog post, I will first give you a tiny insight into my mind. I mean here you’ll notice how unorganized my mind is, yet I still manage. Imagine me in a class, blabbering nonsense just because my mind can’t focus or better said I somehow find a relation between stuff that seem unconnected. And on the other hand I have a attention span of a 5 year old and a memory of a goldfish. Hold up! That’s not right… Fish memory is actually good… So I guess I’ll have to say that I have a really selective memory. I can remember stuff, details from months back, yet I fail to remember what my mom said 3 seconds ago. Sounds familiar? Probably does, but I doubt you’ll admit to it.

Basically my mind is a mess of constantly flashing ideas, that somehow get connected in most odd ways possible, yet they somehow make sense. I mean please do tell me a perfectly logical connection between wanting a pizza for lunch and rice traffickers in the 18th century. Can you? Well I’ll tell you my version of my lunch thoughts. It all started with a pizza…. So we all know that pizza is Italian’s most recognizable dish (apart from pasta), however the most traditional dish there is risotto! Yes that rice gooey thing. Why? Because Italy was one of the few countries that are able to provide the correct climate thereby giving rise to a thriving rice industry. And there you have it, the connection between the pizza and rice is ITALY, but the connection between lunch and trafficers… Well I don’t know that either.

Now I made myself hungry, I really shouldn’t write about food. However I supose I could tell you more about my life purpouse! Actually I can’t do that, becuase I haven’t found it yet, but I know for sure that it’ll be connected with ecology and environment. I can be sure about it, becuase eversince I was little I was fascinated by nature and by human ignorance towards it. Yeah yeah, you’re not like everyone else, or so you think, because you… I don’t know, you recycle. Bravo, you’re helping, but not really… Why not? Oh, remember that thing called a store, where you get most of your food (unless you make all of it at home) and behind that thing called a store is an industry (yes, farming also became an industry). So with putting your plastic bottle away, you’re not really doing anything. But I’m not judging, because I’m exactly the same, with a slight difference. I am aware of my personal actions and those that are done for me. Yet, I still consider myself as a person with no idea what’s going on, because I actually don’t know what’s going on. Everything is too big for me to comperhand just yet. I don’t have the resources or knowledge to grasp the big picture of it all, so I’m forced to focus on the little things. On those that I notice and can more or less comperhend.

And I got off the track. Wait, there was no track to begin with. Anyway, because of what I think people tend to label me as an environmentalist, feminist, treehugger, asshole, etc., but honestly the correct label for me, is simply ‘human’.

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