My Christmas menu

You know what I got for Christmas? I got fat for Christmas…. And well yeah I got socks too. However I got an extra kilo or two, purely by my own fault. That’s because me and my brother were in charge of the Christmas family dinner (9 people). And yes I know I’m late with … More My Christmas menu

X-my ass!

Can you see the picture? That’s our tinny Christmas tree, obviously too small for all the presents (p.s. I’m sory about the bad picture, it’s taken with phone).   I have a love-hate relationship with Christmas. I never truly understood it’s meaning, but on the other hand it was always nice to have the whole … More X-my ass!


I can say that I LOVE Halloween! Wait, you might wonder why am I babbling about Halloween since it happened a fair amount of time ago and it won’t happen again until next year. I’m writing about it It’s the only time I can pull out my weirdest ideas for make-up and dress as wacky … More Anticipation