Dear dude in an orange Twingo…

Fuck you!

Because of that particular asshole, I nearly missed my bus to college. You see, I drive to the bus station with my car and from that point on go with bus. It’s much cheaper that way, since I don’t live in campus.

Anyway, that peachy young fella constantly drove 30km below the speed limit making a huge line behind him and no one could overtake, because there was constant oncoming traffic. Did I mention that he did that in the biggest traffic spike of the day? No? Well now, you know.

Even when there was a slight chance to drive pass him, because there was an opening on the other side of the road, he speed up! He fucking speed up whenever someone tried to overtake him.


Like DUDE! Get off the road or stop trolling. There are road rules for a reason and even with them more and more people get into accidents. No one needs an asshole on the road.

It was a bless that I was two cars behind that dude, otherwise I’d probably ram into his car.

But seriously people, don’t be assholes on the road, go by the rules and don’t do stupid shit. There’s enough accidents that just happen, no need to cause more of them with your stupidity. And when you do feel like driving like an asshole, do it when you’re alone on the road, so if you crash, there’s at least no one else around you could harm.


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