I can say that I LOVE Halloween! Wait, you might wonder why am I babbling about Halloween since it happened a fair amount of time ago and it won’t happen again until next year. I’m writing about it It’s the only time I can pull out my weirdest ideas for make-up and dress as wacky as I can. I honestly start planning for it in the middle of June and get all excited about it. But once the Halloween comes, I realize that Halloween is not really celebrated here. I mean there are few “Halloween parties” but it’s just not it. I’m left alone with my excitement, until I give up on going anywhere.

However, I’m in luck! Because we have Pust (Shrove Tuesday) and it’s celebrated 40 days before Easter. So my excitement bolts up again, because I know that’s the one day in the year when I’ll be able to go completely nuts, dress up in my whatever costume my mind will made up and I’ll overeat on krofi (donuts). Also there will be bunch of people to celebrate with me, since we have whole bunch of carnivals and parties and everything is just amazing! If you like to dress up and want to travel, get to Slovenia while we celebrate Pust, you’ll love it.

So yeah, as you probably noticed, I’m once again getting overly excited about an event far before it’ll even occur, but I love it that way, because I can already get all my friends to plan on spending Pust in one of the busiest “Pust towns” of Slovenia – Ptuj.

Ptuj in the town where every year “Kurentovanje” (carnival) is organized and people from all over Slovenia go there to have fun and show off their masks.

Soo, Yup. That’s all I just wanted to share my excitement. Also I’ll make sure to write a post about my Pust, once I get there.

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