Band Wagon with Circus Of Horrors

For today’s post I talked to Jason a member of Circus of Horrors (Facebook and YouTube channel). I’ve got to say it was a pleasant experience, because it seems that all members of the band got excited about my little interview. (P.S. They are amazing!)

Q: First tell me a bit about the band and its members also when and why was it formed?

On vocals we have Luc and me (Jason). I also do the harsh vocals when we have heavier songs. Ash is our lead guitarist, and Luc and I play rhythm guitar. Our bassist and pianist is Max and we’ve got Jam on drums. We were formed in 2013 by Ash and myself because we always jammed together and had some song ideas, and just thought it was fun since we live together anyway. We got Max and Jam interested and we made up the band. After a while of doing most of the vocals, I thought it would be cool to have another vocalist join us for variation, and we met Luc last year. Plus, his Irish accent sounds cool.

Q: Do you only do covers or you have original songs too?

We have both. We’ve released an EP of original songs, which is a random album of songs where we’re finding our sound. It was for fun. We’re releasing some more original songs in the new year and we’ve got some videos lined up. We’ll still do covers, but now we’re focusing more on our own music

Q: What do you think is your best original song and why?

I really like 《Target》. Even though it’s an instrumental, I don’t think it needs lyrics to tell a story. I like the way all the instruments flow together and work well. I’m pretty proud of that one

Q: Is there anyone (anything) who inspires you, or you guys don’t need any special inspiration, besides the love for making music?

A lot of great artists inspire us, more because of how legendary they are. We all grew up on Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Guns n’ Roses, AC/DC and all those amazing bands that made it. As a guitarist, I especially look up to Tony Lommi from Sabbath because of his way of getting new sounds and riffs. The fact that we’re all passionate about music helps us bounce ideas off each other, and we all sort of inspire each other too.

Q: What would you say is your bands biggest achievement so far?

Our biggest achievement is either getting set up in a studio and recording videos, or this interview. Both are really awesome things we didn’t think we’d get to do

Q: Now I feel flattered. Do you have a “biggest fan”? Also what’s the thing you’d like to say to all of your fans?

It’s true, we’re all excited about this! I don’t know really, a lot of our fans are friends and that’s how we see everyone. Even the fans we haven’t met, they’re our friends going through the journey with us. We just want to thank everyone for their support and for sticking with us. Our fans are awesome and I hope we get to meet each and every one of them to say thank you in person. (:

Q: So, is this your first interview? If it is, how am I doing so far?

Yep, it’s our first. You’re doing great, this is awesome

Q: It’s good to hear that. What are your plans for the future, appart from the music videos that are lined up so far? Do you guys have an agenda?

We just want to make music. We’re not really interested in the money, though of course it’s a bonus We just like to make music, and to share it with the world. It’s a great feeling (:

Q: The first thing I noticed about the band is the name. How did you pick the it?

We started off by calling the band Cirque, but then we decided we wanted a name we could shorten. Because of our love of scary films and anything gruesome, we decided on Horrors. It might get changed in the future because of the group of circus entertainers with the same name, but for now, we’re happy with it

Q: Is there anything you wish to add?

Thank you for the opportunity for the interview, and I just want to say it’s been fun

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