Hurricane [Poem]

I never thought I would get to this point.

In my head, there’s a mess and my heart is in loss.

Why did I do it? What did I do?

Thoughts are spiraling ever since I left you.


Was it a mistake and irrational thought?

Was it an error that we never fought?

Was it a trust issue or is it that you didn’t care?

Was it your way of making a dare?


You challenged my trust by not trusting me.

You never told me that you lost your faith for me.

I never objected I decided to wait,

Yet you never came back.


Should I say I’m sorry and beg your return?

You said you worry there is another one.

Committed a treason I never did that.

I was fully faithful and you pushed me back.


After I left you it was a smack in your face.

You thought I will give up and we will go back

To where we were.

I made a decision, can’t have you in my life,

There is a reason for your idiotism

And I couldn’t deal with it, no more.


You wanted me back, begged for my return.

Losing your way was on your next turn.

Depression, guilt tripping, suicide threats.

I am sorry darling, do you trust me yet?

Selling my feelings now you can’t get them back.


I finally feel free now, yet I don’t want to forget.

Some moments were perfect and I still regret.

Trading my freedom for an illusion,

Taking that risk won’t happen again.


You blew your chances and now you have dances

With death.

Scarring my trust was not an objective,

It’s what you achieved with your accusations,

Forcing your dictations.


Being protective was really selective,

You always feared for yourself.

Was that why I left you?

Will I ever forget you?

Honestly, I don’t really care.

I feel free.



I hope you liked my new poem. It’s just something that I had to get out of me. I know it’s not the best since I’m out of practice, but I’ll get back to my old writing skills sooner or later. Title suggested by Garry.

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