5 tips on how to be a better person

We all want to be better. The best version of us that we could possibly be. We want to be liked, loved, looked up to, and cherished. We want to be appreciated. And we under no circumstances want to be left behind, ignored and have a bad image. Right?

Well since both of us agree on that. I decided to help you out with few tips.

  1. STOP the bullshit

Yes, I am serious. Stop looking for tips that can make you a better person. It will not make you a better person. The tips will just make you, well, more likable, less conflicting, more “mainstream” if you want.

Most tips I’ve seen about how to become a better person target on making people seem easily agreeable to, a sheep in the crowd. Those tips tell people to be nice, polite, wisely quiet when needed to and never, never outspoken about how they really think.

2. But the tips so heartwarming and relatable…

Writing the “tips on how to” kind of posts are simply mind games, something to attract readers. Because hey, everyone wants to know a shortcut to something. Anyone would want to know how to quickly fix something regarding themselves. But there’s no such thing. All those posts do is either they make you feel good about yourself, or they just make you feel like you’re stupid. Like anyone could come up with THAT. Right?!

So yeah, those posts are simply there to attract people, a marketing scam. They are mostly written in a way where people can easily agree with it. The tips are simple and mostly something really common. Something you knew already, but didn’t pay attention to it, or you didn’t want to pay attention ot.

Also, there is no bulletproof way to make you better. Deep down you’ll stay the same, no matter how you act. Are you sure you want to follow “tips” of someone who have no idea about you? I mean I wouldn’t. They don’t know me, yet they are making tips on how to make me better?! How can they know that I’m not already doing my best. How can they know that what they’re saying is going to make me better, if they don’t even know if what they’re suggesting is even acceptable in my society?

3. However… it’s backed up with science!

“Scientists say that whistling will make you happy.”

All that’s on internet and is labeled with “scientists say” is not always true. As an example, I obviously made up the whistling thing. I mean sure there are researches about the topic for sure, but unless you have a link or citation of a scientific article that is backed up by another scientist, it’s most likely just a load of crap.

4. It still makes me feel good!

Well I never said you shouldn’t follow the tips. I just said that I wouldn’t. But of course it will make you feel good. Following the tips will give you the feeling of achievement and that usually feels good. You might also feel like a better person, since we’re on the topic, but it doesn’t mean you’ll actually change. Well you might, but, will you be happy with that?

5. So that the heck do I do?!

Be yourself! Whoever you are, nice, mean, tough or weak. Just be you. Because you can be the best you ever! Yes something being you will bite you in the ass and you’ll just WISH to change something about yourself, like be less shy and more outspoken or be more quiet because your blabber mouth gets you in trouble. Or maybe you just want to be nicer, because people think you’re an asshole. Please stop, you’ll find your soulmates, people that will be happy to have you just the way you are. Of some extend of taming and adapting yourself is needed in live, or you’ll either get used or kicked out of work. But still anything can and will change, you just have to figure out how to be yourself, even if that pisses off everyone around you. (Sometimes that’s needed.)


Wait! Did I actually write the 5 tips?! Oh, nope, I just made 5 points about tips. The only tip I can give you is. Live your life however you want it, as long as you don’t purposely make other people suffer because of it, after all, it’s your life.

Have a nice day and remember.

This is just my opinion.

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23 thoughts on “5 tips on how to be a better person

  1. Yes! Learn to be YOU. Figure that out, forget about what is “right” because there is no right. The best thing is to learn to be you and be confident about it..all else will follow. The internet shows us the best examples of it, there’s a group of supporters for every hobby and type of person out there… 🙂

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  2. I say be yourself as long as you’re not negatively affecting yourself, this earth, or anyone around you.
    I Love the way you wrote that, it was very creative indeed!

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  3. Haha so true – I get drawn in by these titles and as I read this I nodded along at how ridiculous these how to articles are about making you feel better about yourself! So funny 🙂 Thanks for linking up to the #dreamteam x


  4. Interesting! However, I feel that the attitude encouraged here, although having a very valid premise, could be an exchange of one demon for another. I feel that people can be better and bigger in certain aspects but the attitude you encourage here gives people freedom to be wrong; something which I don’t think is beneficial.

    I would want to think that, adopting your premise, persons should try to make up their own goals from personal assessment to reinforce their strengths and offset their weaknesses rather than being consistent in whatever their attitudes may be.

    Still, your post was quite insightful. Please, keep writing!


    1. Well since you’re mentioning the exchange of demons. Anything, any view can be seen that way, there is no ultimate right way to do something.
      Also this post is soley targeted at the tips. Meaning people who go by the tips and cling to them like a drunk clings to their bottle. What I mean is that I think personal experience and learning based on it (and yes by that I mean that being wrong and learning based on your mistakes is benefitial), is better than following something some random person wrote on the internet.

      Anyway, Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate your view on this. I hope you’ll find my future posts catchy enough to read too.

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