Monthly status update: January

So yeah, I decided to do a little monthly status update, mostly for my own evidence, but I guess those kind of updates can be fun to read too.

I have to say that January was a perfect blogging month for me! And not to mention it was also the second blogging month, so I’m still a newbie.

Let’s check the blog status shall we?

January status

I literally broke my views record (and everything else record) and I can now cross off 2 goals on my Bucket list. But first I have to thank Joedy Rose, who helped advertising my blog after I posted an interview with him. So, thank you!

Apart from my all-time best views, I also got quite a few new followers and some new friends. For that, I blame twitter chats  that I participated in (mostly #ChattyBees), they are amazing and in most cases really interesting. One of my new friends is Adrienne Naval, who also has a beautiful blog.

Beside her I also meet Garry Maurice (also check his blog) who helped me out with a tittle for my poem (Hurricane) as well as left me the best comment a newbie blogger can get.

I’ve been trawling WordPress for a few months now, coming across some damn fine blogs, but for the most part they’re pretty shit (no offence to all you musing ramblers out there). I think part of the reason blogs like yours are so rare, is that for someone to be able to write and think to this level of dynamic irony, in a foreign language, usually means they’ve got a career in the field already. I’m not sure what your background is or where you’re looking to take this stuff, but you have some great talent and potential. You come across as being very curious and cognisant. In other news, it’s just occurred that this is probably the most intense comment I’ve ever written on an About Me section before. I don’t know what that means, but I hope you have a good day.

Besides all that, I have to tell you that my Band Wagon series are now finished (there will be season 2!) and I started a NEW series called Poet Wagon ! So feel free to submit your poems and get an interview!

There’s also a little project I started called Blogging Daily. It’s an online magazine, which will feature YOUR blog posts. Don’t be shy and dive right in.

bloggesdailyI’m planning to launch up my own Twitter Chat, but I’ll see when and what it’ll be about. No promises yet.

I guess I also have to point out that I’m planning to (once again) edit my blog in the near future, so if you notice any fiddling and odd changes that make no sense, well I’m doing my best to make my blog look pretty, okay? You’ve been warned.

That would be all for my Monthly status update. You’ll see next post like this on March 1st. Until than, enjoy my posts and make sure to participate in my projects.

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