Poet Wagon with T. Felder

Here we go with my new series called the poet wagon! I’m so excited to work with poets, as I myself write poems.

Anyway my first guest for this series is T. Felder, let’s see what she says about herself before we start the interview.

My mind has always wondered. Sometimes it stays near by, other times it travels to foreign lands and roams freely through a realm somewhere between real and imaginary. My name is T.Felder and I am a writer, a poet, and a freethinker.

I write soul food. All my work comes straight from the heart. I write what I think, feel, see, and experience.

My first poetry collection (chapbook) entitled “Life Vol. 1” will be coming soon (mid to late February). I also have some performances scheduled throughout February.

Sounds interesting? Well make sure to find her on her social media:

Twitter: @Tee_Felder

IG: @T.Felder


1) When did you start writing poems?

I started writing poems when I was about 10, I would write my Mom little poems all the time. I also kept a journal for many years.

2) What is your inspiration for writing?

I am inspired by my personal experiences, the environment, current events. I work from a place of feeling, all of my work comes straight from the heart.

3) What do you do apart from writing poems? You mentioned performances.

I recently left corporate America to focus on a few business ventures I have in the works. I have also been indulging in spoken word and will be doing some performances this month and in the coming months. Public service is important to me, I enjoy volunteering when time permits.

4) What would you name as your biggest achievement in 2015 and why?

Finding my purpose. I have gained a sense of consciousness I never had before, which has forced me to face the questions I had been avoiding my whole life. I’ve gained the courage to step out of my comfort zone and start living my dreams on my own terms.

5) Would you say that you have a “writing technique”? What is it?

No, I don’t use any one technique. My writing style is kind of fluid, but I would say most of my poems are rhythmic.

6) What’s the poem you’re the most proud of and why?

I would have to say “The City” because it was the first poem I’ve ever performed. It is also relevant to the issues we are facing in inner cities here in the US.

The City

We live in a city

Where angels die

Many cry

And some are even crucified

Buried under the rubble

Our city’s in trouble

Every day life is a struggle.


We need a resolution

Or maybe a revolution

What’s the solution?


Lost in the mist of danger

And condemned because of sin

They don’t believe in God

So God don’t believe in them.

Trapped in this world only living in the moment

Because the future is the opponent

Never knowing if the next move will be the last

I hate to bring up my past,

But it haunts me in my nightmares

Having night terrors

Of being caught in the darkness

The on thing I fear.


The strength to rebuild this city with the tears

Of it’s fallen angels is not far fetched,

But seems so far away

Because we often tend to stray

From the truths of it’s crumbling foundation.


No one want’s to be the first to lay new bricks

Lack of initiative

leads us back to square one

How do we overcome

This fear of change

Who will have the courage to lead us to victory?


[All rights for this poem go to T. Felder]


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