Bloggers Daily; Couple On a Shoestring

Couple On a Shoestring
With me being a student and Kieran going through the final week of a 5 week stretch since the last pay day which just happened to have Christmas in between!! Not only for him is it statistically the most depressing and the most financially deprived week of all but I decided to come and stay for a few days… Poor Kieran. It’s not that neither of us have any money whatsoever, it’s that we decided we wanted to do our best to try and save whatever we can to make February a better month. Predominantly because Valentine’s Day is involved and we want to do something nice. Ah, isn’t that sweet. Anyway, if you lovely people thought you were going to get away from my lists… You couldn’t of been more wrong. So here’s a very beautiful list of some tips and tricks we’ve compiled to save money >See whole post



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