How to compare bloody and hard, in a right way?

Hello, hello! We’re here once again! Before you start scolding me for another misleading title. Let me tell you that the title says EXACTLY what I’ll be writing about. Todays’ topic is periods versus boners! Yes, I will seriously compare the two. Why? Only because I can.

I will take more or less professional approach to this and I’ll compare the two based on few parameters. That you can only find out if you continue reading…

  • Frequency (How often does it occur?)

As most, more or less educated people know, periods are…. Periodic. Meaning they happen in intervals usually every 28 days, or so. Unless of course you have an irregular period or some medical condition that messed up everything.

But boners, on the other hand…. Just happen. They just pop up for whatever reason. Maybe the guy is horny, bored, nervous…. You name it.

  • Hormonal impact

Females usually receive a serious hormonal rollercoaster a bit before and while they are on their period. Is that a good excuse for them being naggy and bitchy? Well no, but, some really can’t help it. I’m not saying guys should sit back and get along with whatever is thrown at them from their hormonal better half. But know that sometimes it’s better to just wait it out and try to not take it personally. Trust me, females who get brick hit by hormones while on their period are not happy about how messed up their feelings are and how that effects everyone around them.

Uhm… About boners… I really don’t know… Are they any hormonal reactions? I never actually read anything that would say that there is. But of course, if we flesh it down to the bone, everything that happens with the human body, is induced by the hormonal reaction of some sort, so…

  • Level of pain

Dear guys if you ever had any interactions with your girlfriend, wife or any other raging female on her period, you are bound to find out that some females suffer in pain while on their period. Some even have it so tough they puke, get a fever and number of other not so pleasant reactions.

To level that with a boner… All I can say here is BLUE BALLS. Yeah, it exists, no it’s not lethal. And no not all guys experience it. Just like not all females experience period pain.

  • Level of awkwardness

Hm, this one might be a bit tricky… Girls can only get in awkward situations with their period when it happens unannounced. Or you’re already in an awkward position when it happens. Or when you forgot about it and the gooey liquid starts to ooze trough your pants or your tampon/pad starts leaking and you end up with a red stain on your pants. Or maybe when your pad/tampon is visible? Otherwise…. Well, that’s about it…

As for guys, it’s kinda the same thing. The awkwardness comes when the boner appears unexpectedly and in a completely wrong situation. Hugging, having a presentation in front of your classmates, wearing nothing but underwear or swimming trunks, having someone in your lap…. You get the idea. And I’m quite sure I made some guys cringe in horror right now.

I hope you liked the post, I know it’s really vague, but why to lose words on something that need no explanation. Or does it? Anyway, hopefully, this wasn’t too awkward for you. After all, we’re all adults here. Or at least not too immature to read something like that…

Uhm… You are more or less an adult… Right?

If not…. KID what the heck are you doing here?!

On the other hand….. I don’t think some sex ed ever hurt anyone. So… Stay tuned for my next post!

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5 thoughts on “How to compare bloody and hard, in a right way?

    1. Haha, thank you for reading and I’m really glad you like my blog and this particular post. I hope you’ll find it interesting in the future too.


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