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Writer, composer, and all round geek, I’m minusfractions, though most people will call me Mush. I write science fiction in my own fantasy world on Wattpad and update weekly. I have three completed novels, an ever-growing collection of short stories (of all genres) and a new novel coming out in just a few weeks! I love talking to people online, so don’t be afraid to get in touch!

My best work is “Do I want you to remember?”

List of stories:



1)     When did you start writing and what gave you the inspiration to write?

According to my family, I’ve always made up stories, even if I only started physically writing them down when I was about ten. I would say that I only properly started writing four years ago, when I started my first novel, Another Way Out. It was the first time I actually sat and saw something through to the end, and it was the most effort I’d ever put into writing.

2)     What is writing to you?

Writing is a big stress relief for me. I’ve always loved getting lost in the fantasy worlds of books, movies and video games, and writing takes it one step further, and allows me to get lost wherever I want.

It’s also a big fantasy for me. I’m studying as an engineer and I get very caught up in all of the advancing technology and where we might be in twenty years kind of thing, and writing lets me play about with those ideas and how society would respond to it.

3)     How do you handle negative reviews/comments?

The same way I handle all comments on the internet. With a large dose of salt. I think as a writer it’s important to understand that everyone reads your work from a different angle, and it won’t appeal to everyone. Sometimes the critics reviewing your work aren’t familiar with the genre, others just don’t like the genre, that kind of thing. Sometimes it’s the opposite. Sometimes you get away with more if your critic is biased towards whatever you’re writing too. It’s why I think you have to be careful about the feedback you get.

If I read a comment and I disagree, or I’m upset, I leave it and come back to it when I can look at it with a clearer head. If I still disagree, I get someone else to look at whatever it is, and get a second opinion.  I think it’s usually a bad idea to take any one person’s view as law (unless it’s grammar etc.) which is the beauty of sharing your work on the internet I suppose. You can get a lot of different and honest opinions on the internet.

4)     What genre are you most comfortable with and why?

I’m most comfortable in science fiction, partly I suppose because of the heavy involvement of science and engineering in my life, but also because it has very few rules. You can be anywhere, at any time, using anything, so long as you keep to the rules of the environment you create. Who doesn’t want that kind of freedom in their writing?

5)     What would you say was the biggest writing challenge for you?

Probably my novel “Before the Light”. I deliberately wrote it in first person, present tense, because I never had before, and even the idea of the story itself was quite far out of my comfort zone. Now, I can safely say I’ll never do it again, but it was a good learning experience. It was hard from that respect, because I find first person very limiting, but it was also hard because of the things I wanted to achieve in the story that were maybe a bit ambitious for a first try. It’s still in its first draft, but after a lot of critiques, I think with some heavy editing it can become what I hoped originally.

6)     What keeps you motivated? Or better what motivates you the most, in order to keep writing?

At the end of the day, I just love writing. It’s not because it will ever be my career, or because I enjoy sharing it with others, it’s just a hobby that I find fun and relaxing. If I get frustrated with one piece of work, I write something else for a while. I would struggle to make myself stop writing I think. My home is filled with scraps of paper and post-it notes with one or two lines scribbled on them. Some will never be used for anything, but it’s a good way to get things out of your system.

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