5 Reasons why I need an assistant

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you struggled to get organized but you just couldn’t do it. You wrote something here and something there and made notes and tried to remember and in the end even forgot the things that you wrote down and scheduled for yourself. No matter the fact that you DID set an alarm to remind you of it. NO? Just me? Oh bummer..

Well based on this, I figured that I need an assistant. Read on to see more reasons why.

  1. I cannot get organized

I struggle, I really do! I’m trying my best. I’m trying to have a schedule, but as a person whose ability to focus is the same as a 2 year old. I assume you figured that it’s just not happening. I can’t focus enough to sit down and organize my life. (PLEASE do not ask me how I study and pass exams, because I do not know.)

2. I forget everything

I can write it down, put it as an alarm on my phone. Stick it on my door and basically do whatever I can, to remember it. But no. I will forget it and remember about it days after I’m supposed to do it. I literally forget what my mom tells me to do 5 seconds after she tells me to do it.

3. I need someone who will constantly remind me of things

Do you know why I don’t forget when I have to be at college and when I have exams and when is the due date for my assignments? It’s definitely not because I remember it. I have a friend who constantly reminds me of everything. Bless her soul.

4. I actually just need someone who’d be there for me

Yeah, this is a huge problem for me… Like yeah, I have friends. But I don’t have… Well people who’d be there for me. You know, my friends are just people I hang out with. So an assistant sounds like a good deal, when you need someone to be there and can’t exactly have any strings attached..

5. So… Why do I need an assistant?

Like mentioned before, I need someone who will be available 24/7 and will think of all the stuff that my brain cannot be bothered to remember. Because yeah, remembering what the Latin name of some frog species seems to be the most important thing to know (according to my brain). That’s why I, as a blogger, student, part time jobber and a person, need an assistant!

I’m done now. I hope you did not mind my rant and I do apologize for the short post. Expect next week’s post to be just as short, as I am in the middle of exam season and I kinda sorta ran out of posts to schedule (just my luck I guess), so those will be written as I go, as fast as I possibly can. See you next week!

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47 thoughts on “5 Reasons why I need an assistant

  1. I could use an assistant but wouldn’t be able to pay them. I turned to daily and weekly planning and it seems to have kept me on track. Still have to do things on my own, but at least my scheduling and tasks are more organized


  2. I too need an assistant! It’s really nice to have someone who reminds you of everything that needs to get done. Lol. But since I also would rather do things myself, I keep a planner instead.


  3. I think that at some point in life everyone could use the help of an assistant. Sometimes I can be so forgetful and unorganised I wonder how I get anything done.


  4. I think we all need an assistant at one point but mine is still in infancy stage. I need to be able to bring in more “mulah” before I could afford one. For now, I’ll have do with my planner.


  5. Hehe
    I find your rantings hilarious every time.
    I sure could use an assistant myself (who’s willing and happy to work for free, of course!)
    Because I literally forget too much too.
    And I haven’t even turned 18!


  6. I once consider to have an assistant when I started being unorganised as workloads has been increasing. I could feel every point you listed.


  7. There will always be days like this. I think it depends on your learning curve. There are people who choose to write things down because it helps them remember, then there are those who would set alarms, or even paste a note on their desk. I normally rely on a schedule that’s posted on the wall of my desk at home, so that I don’t have to worry about missing anything. You can get organized! You just have to find what works for you.


  8. I get what you mean about number 4 XD I’m also really indecisive so it’d be great to have someone there constantly to ask questions to!


  9. I think we all need assistants! It’s just the pace of the world we live in now. I wish I had an assistant too. I’ll make him/her go to work for me lol. Good luck with your exams!


  10. Great post, all of your points are valid! I have ocd so I’m always on top of everything, but I knew a few people who could use an assistant too, and theres nothing wrong with that.


    1. Thank you. Also not trying to be offensive here, but at least you know you have ocd in my case doctors just know I have something, but have no idea what >.<


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