The Liebster Award (Going again!)

Now would you look at that! I got nominated AGAIN…. And so soon after my first nomination. Now of course I can’t leave anyone hanging, so I’m doing it again! Also this is a total life saver because I’m writing this directly for posting. Like I’ll post it few seconds after I write it. I just got hoem from exam and naturally I didn’t have the time to write it sooner. Oh and since I’m at the exam. I totally aced it. Now moving on!

First of all, all thanks for this nomination goes to HONEY from Royal Lifestyle. Thank you for nominating me doll and keep up the great work with your blog!

The rules this time are a bit different from those on my last nomination (see here), mostly because there’s thousands of different variations of Liebster award.

So here are the rules of this thread:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you & link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions you have been asked.
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers for the award.
  4. Ask them 11 questions of your own.


Eleven seems to be the magic number here. Like the eleven…. Uhm… I don’t remember the story that would involve the eleven something… there are the seven dwarfs and nine wonders…. Okay moving on to the eleven questions I have to answer.

1.Why and when did you started blogging?

Well let me tell you a story about how, on 27th November 2015, I got bored and thoughts »Hey why not start a blog and force people to read what I write and think?!«… And so I made a blog.

2. Have you met any friends through blogging (and I do mean friends, not just Internet buddies)?

I only have internet friends, I haven’t (YET) meet anyone who blogs.

3. How would you describe yourself in 3-5 words (no more!)?

Capricorn, INTP, chaos.

4. What’s your favorite social network and why?

I learned to like Twitter, it’s the easiest to use also….. I’m not really fond to any social network anyway. Using social networks just turned out to be the necessary evil of blogging…

5. Do you find yourself wanting more followers and readers to the point where you actually calculate posting and advertising or even feeling bad about small numbers?

Meh, nahhh, I mean it would be great, if I’d get 1000 views of my blog. But at the end of the day, I don’t really care. It’s just a hobby.

6. If you could go to a concert of any singer or group (dead or alive, together or parted), which would it be?

That’s like… Impossible to answer…. I’d have to say that I’d die if I could go to ANY concert that’s out of the country and I wouldn’t even care if I’d go to listen to the orchestra haha. But seriously, any concert would do.

7. What do you love buying (e.g. bags, shoes, kitchen supplies,…anything)?

POST IT NOTES!!!! I have like tons of them but I always feel like I need more… Because they’re pretty and I like to stick them to everything and write reminders on them and mark my notes and…. You get the point.

8. Would you say you like the way you are, like you’re a complete person? If not, why not?

I like the way I am. But I’m aware that by far I’m not a complete person. I’m simply me, with all my quirks and imperfections. I’ll probably never be complete, because there’s always something that’s missing, no matter what I do.

9. What’s your little secret your close ones don’t know about? If you’re willing to share.

My blog. No one in my family knows about it and only like one friend knows that this thing you’re reading right now exists, but even she never read it.

10. What do you do when you’re stressed?

Binge watch series and eat popcorn and just not give a shit. When I get stressed beyond my ability to chill.. I just shut down and stop caring.

11. This last one is just for me: have you ever read my blog and what do you think of it?

I have read your blog, but I’m not much into beauty and stuff like that, so….


Now I’ll first give you the questions for the nominees and after that nominate people.


  1. What is the main purpose of your blog?
  2. What do you like the most about blogging community?
  3. What would you say is the biggest achievement in your life?
  4. Would you like to become famous?
  5. What is your favorite series and why?
  6. What plant would you describe yourself as and why?
  7. Do you have a goal in life? What is it?
  8. What is your favorite tool that helps you get viewers?
  9. What are 11 facts about you?
  10. What would you do right now, if you’d have the chance to do anything in the world?
  11. What are your pet peeves?




Oh yeah…. There’s a bit more nominees than requested…Well I take the liberty to post more nominees and there’s nothing you can do about it. Have a plesant day and see you next time!

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