WARNING – Just to let you all know

Hello! No, this is NOT a regular blog post, like it should be, based on a schedule. This week I gonna leave out that post.

Why, you might ask? And even if you don’t I’ll tell you anyway.

My blog will soon go under a mayor makeover!!! I won’t edit old posts but expect a whole new theme in the future. I even made a logo, how cool is that?


Anyway! I just wanted to let you all in advance. Tomorrow evening,  I will put my blog on private, so you won’t be able to access it. For a simple reason: I don’t want to load the feed with random try-out posts and other stuff that I’ll be making during the makeover.

There will be awesome NEW things and projects so buckle up!

Considering I have everything figured out for like a month now I should be done with everything till 1-2 april. But of course I had to write this and ruin the suprise, only to force myself into fixing my profile. I hope you’ll like the result and that my lazy ass brain won’t give up on everything in the middle of the process.


That’s it for today, I hope you had a nice Easter. Now I have to go and play with images and other stuff so I’ll have everything set up in time.

What do you have to say about it?

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