Let’s talk about relationships

“Relationships” such an easy word, describing such a complex thing. To be honest with you from the very beginning, I’m really bad at maintaining a relationship. I mean the theory of relationships is perfectly clear for me, but the actual thing. I just don’t get it, people are confusing as hell and so hard to … More Let’s talk about relationships

5th chocolate festival in Radovljilca

The Chocolate Festival takes place in the old town center of Radovljica, in Linhart Square, in The World’s Largest Chocolate Bar Square, the Chocolate Park, the Chocolate Square, the Radovljica Manor and the Chocolate Dessert Square. At all these locations there will be chocolate products available for tasting. Tasting of chocolate goods takes place on … More 5th chocolate festival in Radovljilca

The life tag

I got tagged for this by the zapping Aqatera! Thank you for tagging me!   Favorite color? Defeating the possible belief that my favorite color is BLUE. I mean look at my blog… It could not be more blue. Well it could be but… That’s not the point of this question. Anyway, I do not … More The life tag