My Bikers Family; The meetup

Hello! I’m back again, with a brand new blog… Well actually it’s not new, it just looks different.

Anyway today I’ll talk about an event that I visited on Sunday. I went to a Bikers meetup!! How awesome is that?! But of course I went because I’m in a family of bikers. Wait, before I start with the event I have to tell you about how my family became a family of bikers.

It all started with my dad. He used to own a bike when he was a teen and all to his late twenties. But he gave up on it, sold the bike and moved on with his life. However 5 years ago, he suddenly decided that he wants a bike again! I guess it was the middle age crisis or something like that. However one day, he just bought a bike (Honda CBF 600), out of nowhere. And so it begin.

My mom got super excited about it bought all the gear and 3 years ago, even got her driver’s license and bought her own bike; Aprilia Pegaso 650 Strada. (Yeah, she got a license to drive a bike when she was 40!!) Naturally my brother and I bought the gear and we all drove together, me with dad and bro with mom. At that time my dad also changed his bike for Honda Transalp XL 700V.

However a year ago, even my brother got the license and bought a bike!! A Honda CB 125F . It’s beautiful… That little sucker.

Those are the bikes we currently have. Why currently… Well you never know who’ll want a new one..

So in the end I’m the only one stuck here without license and a bike. (Can you feel my pain?!) Anyway I’m planning to save up enough money till I’m 24 to take the class and get the license. Just you wait!

Back to the thing that this post is actually about. Like I mentioned I went to the biker’s meetup and it was AMAZING!!! So many awesome bikes and bikers and clubs and …. And BIKESSSS. Yes, I might be overreacting a BIT. But I like bikes and yeah, can’t help it…

Ahem… Moving on. While nosing around I meet that “movie like” biker.

Here comes Vili

I meet Vili (AKA Crazy Willy, as his friend called him). He’s riding for 60 years! YES 60 years and he’s 77.

Vili with his pipe… And beer..

How crazy is that? And he’s not planning to stop anytime soon. He’s been all over Slovenia and trough half the Europe on his bike. Also you have to admit that his smoking pipe looks dope as hell.

There were also other awesome looking bikers, but I felt too awkward to ask them if I can take a picture… At least Vili just popped up and started to chat and of course allowed the pics.

It was a great experience and I’m really happy I went, even though the pictures didn’t turn out as I hoped. But at least I got few of them so I have that going for me.



So here you have it. My FIRST ever bikers meeting.

I hope you enjoyed reading this at least half as much as I enjoyed writing it.

But really, tell me. What do you think of bikes?

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4 thoughts on “My Bikers Family; The meetup

  1. My sister and all her friends ride, I’m at several biker parties a year. I love love love these people, you’ll never in your life find a kinder group of friends.

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  2. Dad’s a vintage biker so I was brought up around motorbikes. He used to take us on motorbike runs, to watch racing and all sorts. I did my CBT but didn’t do my full bike license… I wish I did now as I miss 2 wheels!


    1. Omg, this is the fastest reply I ever got on a blog post. I literally posted it 5min ago xD
      Also that’s awesome! I wish I’d do that too.
      Well you still can do a full full bike licence. If you want to, I don’t see why not.


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