Writing notes: 3 types of notes

Ever since elementary school I HATED writing notes. Especially because I could never actually focus for more than 10 min at a time, so naturally my notes had more holes in them than a Swiss cheese. Also I could never deal with notebooks and I always doodled in them instead of writing down what I’d have to. So I always had to borrow notes from my classmates if I wanted to study for exams.. It was a huge mess.

However in secondary (high) school I figured out a way to make notes with minimal effort, even though it needed a bit of preparation and I’m still using them in college.

So in this part, I’ll share with you what kind of notes I make in next part I’ll write about usage of colors in your notes and after that, I can make guides on how to make and use those notes.

1.Post-it (sticky) notes

WP_20160407_20_36_24_Pro (2).jpg
How I arrange my sticky notes for easy usage.

I love using post it notes. I usually have a plastic file folder with sheets (pockets) in it so I can put post-it notes all over them. As mentioned before my attention span is really poor. So post-it notes are perfect for capturing basic ideas, words and titles that outline the lecture and give you enough to go on and do your own research. Also it’s easy to add and take away what’s needed without erasing anything and messing up the whole thing. But yeah, you need a shitload of post-it notes.

It’s also great if you use different colors and shapes of the notes, so you can easily group your notes at any time. They are also easily arrangeable into mind maps.


2. Mind maps

Seriously… Can you read what’s on this pic??

Like mentioned before, post-it notes can be used to make mind maps. You can literally stick them on your wall in the right order. Or use poster paper (at least size A2, but remember, the bigger the better) so you can also draw lines of what goes where.

However, I like to make mind maps for any subject that have a lot of study material, because once you learn how to make a mind map the most efficiently for your learning style, you can put all of your study material in few (5-10) mind maps (I write/draw them on A3 size paper) that are way easier to learn than 500 pages or pure torture.

3. Doodler

WP_20151105_18_03_48_Pro (2).jpg
C’mon, it’s funny. A rap plant…

I think we all have a little doodler in us, especially when we get bored and our mind wanders. But that can become a huge problem when you have a notebook (because for some subjects notebooks are a must, sadly) doodled all over instead of having the actual study notes in them.

To fight that problem I started to use the ‘separation line’. That means that I draw a thick line about 5 cm away from the left edge of the notebook (each page). The space on the left is used for doodling and other useless stuff, while space on the right is used for actual notes that are important.


That’s it for today! If you want more of those make sure to check out my blog on Fridays, as I’ll regularly post ‘College hacks of a lazy student’. If you have questions, ideas, or advice. PLEASE DO SHARE THEM! I will include then in my next posts.

Thank you for reading, have a nice hack

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15 thoughts on “Writing notes: 3 types of notes

  1. doodling is awesome! however that’s not really taking notes! post-it notes are always the cutest, but they tend to be too small for all that blabbing writing I do, I usually stick to a big old notebook to allow myself room to write : )


  2. I always have my notebook with me to write down something whenever I feel the need to, but I don’t really leave notes outside it. I used to doodle a lot when I was in school, but now you made me think – I don’t do it any more ;))


  3. I love taking notes. My laptop is full of these e-sticky notes. and of course, even in my desk and board, they are full of these little colorful papers of reminders.


  4. All of these are great ideas that I’ve never used. I am not studying right now, but we are life long learners
    (hopefully), so I don’t know what the future holds! Hopefully, I will get an opportunity to use some of these ideas.


  5. I’m definitely a doodler! The problem is you can’t doodles up together to make coherent notes xD I end up having to write or type them all up again later.


  6. I think I’ve gone through all of these when I was still a student! It’s all part of our childhood, I guess. This was such a fun read and it brings back memories of when I was still studying.


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