5th chocolate festival in Radovljilca

The Chocolate Festival takes place in the old town center of Radovljica, in Linhart Square, in The World’s Largest Chocolate Bar Square, the Chocolate Park, the Chocolate Square, the Radovljica Manor and the Chocolate Dessert Square. At all these locations there will be chocolate products available for tasting. Tasting of chocolate goods takes place on all the chocolatiers’ stalls via the purchase of tasting coupons. Each chocolatier has a number of products for tasting. Visitors exchange tasting coupons for the products on offer, usually one coupon for one product. [Source]

So this Sunday on April 17th 2016, I went to a chocolate festival. It was the last day of a 3 day long festival. As the ultimate lover of chocolate this even was perfect for me. I tasted a lot of chocolate goods, but of couse I had to look out to stay in budget (by leaving my credit card at home) and not overspend.

First I wandered around the Chocolate Park, tasting the chocolaty desserts, including this huge chocolate cream filled spongey cookie.

That’s one HUGE cookie…

Next stop was a chocolate factory, where they presented how the cocoa seeds get processed in order to be used in chocolate making.

After that I nosed trough the Chocolate Square and went trough the Mansion, both filled with stands of multiple chocolate shops.

In the end I settled down in the tavern tent and helped myself to what’s basically a torn apart pancake (Kaiserschmarrn), with Nutella.


I can say that it was amazing! There was so many people there it was sometimes hard to get to the stand and see, nevertheless taste something. I’m already planning to go again.

Now you probably noticed many pictures in this posts, if you want more of them visit my Instagram. And that’s not enough pictures for you, visit the official chocolate festival Instagram.


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3 thoughts on “5th chocolate festival in Radovljilca

    1. I also hope you’ll be able to attend it one day, because it’s amazing! And if you do, make sure to tell me, so we can go together xD

      Also thank you for reading my post, I hope you’ll be nosey enough to check out other stuff on my blog too 😛


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