8 tricks to get your professor’s attention and why?

Now you might want to ask what the heck is wrong with me. No one wants professor’s attention. Everyone just wants to be left alone and sleep in the back of the class if they REALLY have to be there at all. Let me tell you one thing. You NEED that attention. If you get it, you’ll no longer be just another number or name on the list. You will actually be YOU. Now onto the list!

1 reason why

  • Privileges

Do I need to say more? Okay, okay, I know I have to explain. Have you ever found yourself in a position where you really needed something from your professor and you knew deep in your heart that you’ll get doors slammed into your face instead of what you wanted? Well if you’re more than a name on a list, that wouldn’t happen. Because you’d feel comfortable about your professor and he/she’d know that they can count on you to be the one who actually cares about their lectures (even if you actually don’t give a shit about it).

Now where was I? Right! Basically to tell it short and sweet, your college life will be 80% easier if you manage to get your professor to notice you (in a good way).

8 reasons how:

1) Attend lectures

Well of course this one is obvious! But some people still don’t get it. You need to be there, you need to be seen in order to make anything.

2) Sit in an odd place

By that I don’t mean sit in the back, in a place where your professor have no way of seeing you. No. You have to sit in a place that is in your professors line of sight, but in an odd chair. Like don’t be directly in the line behind/ in front of someone, if you have the chance. Why? People remember odd. Like you’d remember a guy in a banana suit, but probably forget someone who’s ‘just another person’.

3)Get active in lecture

Don’t! No, don’t even think it! Do not think of how embarrassed you’ll be after saying something wrong and you’ll better keep quiet. Drown that thought! Right now. It dosen’t matter how wrong you are, all that matters is that professor called YOU out. So rise your hand a lot, even if you have no idea about the answer. And if nothing else use the opportunity to ask your lecturer to explain something. Whatever you do, do not keep quiet.

4) Ask for help

Yup that requires getting up, walking to your professor, opening your mouth and say “Can you help me with (whatever you don’t understand)” and hope you don’t get eaten. Because yeah, apparently people in college are still scared of getting hurt by a professor, for asking a question. Like c’mon dude! Just ask for help and quit being an idiot.

5) Argue

No don’t get into a fight! Have a debate and argue your views whenever you have the chance, either do it with professor or with your classmates. Just show that you’re able to stand by what you believe. However you have to be a bit thoughtful about this one, because some professors absolutely despise people who are able to appear smarter than them, simply because they’re able to use their own head…. And the professor feels threatened by it…

6) Share your knowledge

Get active in sharing what you know, either in a lecture when you, oh so fabulously and correctly answer a question, or on the hallway while waiting for the lecture. Or you know just talk about the topics covered in lectures whenever there’s a chance your professor might hear you.

7) Use color and funny writing when signing the attendance list

No one said you only have to use blue/black pen to sign the attendance list…. Why not use red, yellow, orange? Something that pops. It’s weird, but it actually works. Also it helps if you have a signature that’s nothing like the signature of others. Yes, I’m telling you to draw a heart of you have to! And having that super special signature helps, bacauseee you’ll be signing your exams/reports/papers with it (unless you’re only using the ID numbers, in that case…. Write really fancy numbers).

8) Be on time

ALWAYS be on time! Do not miss the deadlines (or be late for lectures) no matter what! This is crucial! If you miss a deadline you immediately look like someone who has no respect and who just dosen’t care. So be on time! Of course it’s okay to be late on a lecture from time to time, sometimes you just can’t help it… But try to be on time.


Now that’s it for today! What are your tips and tricks to get your professors to notice you?

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27 thoughts on “8 tricks to get your professor’s attention and why?

  1. These are great tips. I never went to post secondary but I practiced a lit if these in high school and being on the better side if a teacher is always helpful

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  2. I found at university it was harder to get the teachers attention I tried a few of those methods in the past and had some luck with “speaking up” and “debating” but signing in with a different colour pen was frowned upon as was messing up their perfect seating arrangement by sitting just off center


    1. That’s great! This worked great for me in Uni, but now that I’m in college (again) it’s failing miserably. Professors think I’m mocking them, because I already have uni education so my views can sometimes go against their views….


  3. These are great tips! When I went to college for the first two years I went to a fairly small college and then transferred to a slightly bigger university. In both the classes were small enough that the teachers knew us fairly well!


  4. I think arguing (sensibly) is a good way to get your professor’s attention. As long as you put forward a good argument they will probably enjoy the intellectual discussion and remember you!

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  5. I think participating in lessons will definitely help you stand out. My teachers at uni for the most part were pretty cool and definitely knew who I was but I think that is because of my surname.


  6. I haven’t been in school in a while. Though from beginning to end, I’m the kind of student who would rather NOT get any attention lol! But you’re right. In retrospect my life would have been nicer if professors knew me and not just my student number!


  7. Great advice. When I was in graduate school, I also used to talk to the Professors after class. I might have a simple question, but it often turned into a lengthy conversation. Graduate school is a smaller group usually though, so that made one-on-one interaction much easier.


  8. It’s important to make sure that your professor knows you, because aside from making the whole college experience easier, when you need them for recommendations, they will be there for you. These tips will definitely help any incoming college student and even enlighten those who are currently in college.


  9. I wish I’d read this when I was back at university! These
    Are such a great tips I especially like the one about sitting in an odd chair – I would never have thought of that


  10. I agree, getting your teacher’s attention, in a good way obviously, is a great way of getting higher marks and be considered for different opportunities, like internships or projects that can help you in your future career.


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