Hanging out with my bro; LVL Motocross!

Today I’ll tell you about my Sunday. It started like any other Sunday – Lazy. I was watching series on my laptop and pondering what to cook, while my mom read her book, dad was at the Fire drill (he and my mom are both volunteer firefighters) and my brother did god knows what.

But it all turned around once he came down to the living room to announce something.

Bro: Mom, I’m going to see a Motocross race.

Mom: You what??

Me: I’m coming with!

Bro and mom: You what?!

Me: I’m going to go see that race even if you kill me *looking like a little kid who just got a huge bag of candy*

Bro: …. Wait *taps on his phone*

Mom: I didn’t even say YOU can go!

Me: Mom, don’t try, we both know you won’t say no to him…

Bro: *ignoring mom completely* Annie, be ready in half an hour.

So yeah… It really surprised me that he actually let me go with him. Cause Mr. Popular needs to live up to his image and to let his uncool sister go with him. AND all of his friends, well that was shocking! (I might be over-reacting a bit, but I seriously didn’t think he’d take me with him.)

Anyway. Before he could change his mind and tell me I couldn’t go, I packed my gear (aka. My dad’s Nikon, because you know… Blog needs pictures, duh.) and got ready asap!

Once we got to the place of the race, we realized that it’s not just some random or local even Motocross event. It was a National Championship!! It was crazy, there were people EVERYWHERE. And since my brother is a friend of one of the racers…. We were set in the first row, literally.

Did I happen to mention that the WORLD CHAMPION Tim Gajser was there?! Well, he was and damn he’s good! He was a lap ahead of everyone through the whole race!

Besides for the “big league”, there were also kids driving. They were from 5-10 years old! How crazy is that?! It was amazing, yet funny to watch them. If one of them fell (Don’t worry, no one got hurt!) there was his trainer with him immediately and the kid continued the race a few seconds later.

I could just continue to write how amazing it was, but that would get boring quickly. So before I finish this, I’ll only tell you that I got home covered in dust. I still haven’t managed to clean the camera. There is no turning back for my shoes as I destroyed them by climbing up and down as sided of the road, to get the best pictures possible. But hey! It was worth it!

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If you have siblings, do you hang out?

What do you usually do together?

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