Update for the lost time

Hello again!

You probably noticed that I was gone for ridiculously long time. Well blame my college and exams… and work and other inconveniences. But yeah, I I was extremely busy so I didn’t find the time to blog and naturally I ran out of drafts too. Perfect timing don’t you think?

Anyway while I didn’t blog I still snuck some time from my studying to plan out my summer blogging. So yeah I have a lot of writing to do. Also If you haven’t noticed I edited my blog again! I really think that it’s prettier now, my last header annoyed me. Besides that I decided on my niche, more or less. So in the future expect only posts about lifestyle and nerdiness (that’s probably not a real word..).

Yeah I’ll put my nerd hat on and officially nerd out on all of you. I hope you’ll like my future posts, I’ll try to make them fun and educational. Feel free to ask me questions about anything because, yes you guessed it, I will be answering them in a blog post! Basically if you need something explained in a short and fun way, I do believe I’m the person who’s able to do so.

Of course that’s not all! I also infused myself into a team of bloggers who blog on John’s Road To Volunteering! Other team members don’t seem to mind me and I can just observe the masters do their work. 😛

Furthermore, because yeah I’m not done yet.  I’m also running a new blog I Mustache You a Question! It’s basically a blogging community and yes, every blogger should use and abuse it. Completely for your own benefit. Because guess what?! More people mention you on their blog, more people you reach, so why not join something that’s there to get you more readers?

I think that’s it for today. Not much of a blog I know, But I had to let you know about everything! Expect a better blog next week, as I’ll only post on this blog on Mondays!


Any questions, suggestions or post topics are welcome! So do comment!

2 thoughts on “Update for the lost time

  1. Wow, it sounds like you’ve been busy, great job on planning out your summer blog posts though, I’m looking to do the same myself. I didn’t see the blog before the editing but it looks really clean and pretty now! I have to say I love the name ‘I Mustache You a Question’ so I’ll be popping over there too! Out of interest what were you studying?


    1. I made a really long list so all I have to do now is write 😛
      Oh thank you! You’re the first person who commented on the looks of my blog 😀
      Awesome, thank you.
      I study Environmental science, I had to study for 6 different exams, so it was quite tough.


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