The marketing scam

I never understood why we have to pay for knowledge. Like why the heck are education institutes so bloody expensive? I get it, you have to pay people who work there and pay for all the other things that need to be done. But the pricing is still ridiculously high. But on the other hand, I’m also broke so everything seems expensive…

The idea of getting money for what I love to do always baffled me. I never had any trouble at doing stuff for free for other people. Call me crazy, but I don’t like money, even though it’s a necessary evil, that I need in order to survive.

People often think that it’s hard to get money, that it’s hard to earn it. It’s really not that hard. It is hard to get a JOB, but it’s not hard to get money. YES, there is a difference!
So, how is getting money easier than getting a job? Well, all you need to do is sell stuff and trust me, literally, anything can be sold with a good story.

Don’t you believe me? Check on eBay… You can buy invisibility cloaks, air from Mount Everest, virginity, trash and I could go on and on. And yes, people actually BUY these stuff!

You still don’t believe me?  I sold horse urine, that I didn’t have, to people that didn’t need it because honestly… Who needs horse urine.  Before you start screaming all the nasty words at me let me tell you that I conducted a social experiment. I wasn’t alone of course. There was a whole class of biology, ecology and physics students involved, with a professor who supervised us.

So how did it all happen?
It was actually the professor who fired up everything because obviously some didn’t believe him and we did it to prove either he’s right of wrong. Now why the horse urine? Because… It contains a high level of urea that is good for skin. In theory, that’s true, but I’m not sure how pleasant it is to put horse urine on your skin. Neither I want to know. So we made a website wrote a fancy story and in a week we got called from university head office that there were random sums of money sent there in envelopes. OOPS… Our story worked. And we had to return the money and take the site off.

The moral of the story, don’t put your uni address on your scam site because you’ll have to return the money… I’m joking! The point is you can sell anything, even if you don’t have it if you have a good story.

However the point of today’s blog is not my story, but it’s the fact that even if you CAN sell everything, it doesn’t mean you should, at least not with a ridiculously high price.

More that I search the web in an attempt to find the knowledge I desire, the more I realize that most of the sources are far out of my budget. But on the other hand, I can find some sources that are absolutely free. (P.s.: THANK YOU! WHOEVER PUT STUFF FOR FREE ON THE INTERNET I LOVE YOU, YOU’RE SAVING MY WALLET AND MY MENTAL HEALTH.)

So the question here is why would I pay if I can get it for free? Well, you don’t! And to all newbie bloggers out there, do not pay for something you can get free! I’m sorry to everyone who is selling online courses and stuff like that about blogging, but some of your prizes are just stupid. Stop scamming people into buying something that they can get for free or much cheaper.

Yes, this post was fired up by a particular person, a blogger, who’s selling the online course for 700$, that includes 1-2 hours or coaching and a “to do” sheet. Yes a SHEET, one paper page not a BOOK a SHEET. Are you nuts? I don’t care if I get a golden bar along with that sheet but there is no way in hell paying that amount of money for a half-ass course is acceptable.


30 hours of coaching for 100$, absolutely perfect, even I’d pay that much for it if I’d feel the need for it. But more than that is unrealistic, especially because now every other blogger is giving out advice.

By the way, no amount of advice will help you if you don’t get your own experience in blogging. It’s just how it is.  Any advice on this planet can only be a rough guideline and not something that you should go by without adapting it to your own needs.  No advice or course can give you experience. It can give you basics, nut no more than that.

So be smart, don’t believe scammers. Make your own business out of stuff you love and not those that are purely profitable. Blog (live) smart not expensive unless you absolutely have to.

Also the idea of “what’s more expensive must be better” is absolutely stupid. I buy all the cheapest stuff. I’m not a cheap person, but I don’t like overpaying. So far my cheap buying seems to work out perfectly for me. Not so much for my mom who likes to buy “quality” (overpriced) stuff.

So far all the things I bought are still functioning, working and are without a scratch (after a year of use), while everything that my mom bought had to be replaced in 2 weeks (what she bought is now replaced with what I bought).  It seems that paying for “brand” is not always the most rewarding, don’t you think?

I could go on and on with this, but it would get too long and boring, so I’ll end it here.
However, do tell me. What was the most overpriced thing that you bought and why?

25 thoughts on “The marketing scam

  1. I have been targeted by marketing scams a lot, especially during the holidays. It’s a shame the great lengths people will go to just to make a quick buck


  2. I could see paying for coaching because that’s more personalized than what’s available for free online. But I wouldn’t pay $700 for 2 hours. As for the most overpriced thing I’ve bought…I know there are many, but I’m drawing a blank. I guess my current house because the housing market in California is absurd.


  3. Hmm. I have to disagree with you that paying for education, if the information is valuable and coming from a knowledgeable person, is a waste. People who take time to put these courses together, coach, help others, their time and service is worth something. It’s worth doing the right research and knowing in advance that you’re really getting a product you need, but to make the blanket statement that these courses are all a scam, or that you should only pay $100 for 30 hours of coaching… well we can just agree to disagree 🙂

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    1. I never said that all courses are a scam. Or, that people should pay only 100$ for 30 hours of coaching. I just said that it’s affordable to me and that it exists. I’m sorry that my post confused you because based on your comment you didn’t exactly understand the point… However, thank you for your input and I completely agree that knowledge is valuable. But honestly, sometimes it is overpriced therefore unavailable to those who want it.


  4. Loved this post! I completely agree. Just because you can sell it, doesn’t mean you should! All those super expense courses seem crazy. Especially when there is so much great info out there for free!!!

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  5. I’m not sure if there are people who actually fall for scams like that, I mean really. Do you have to pay for coaching when there are various ways to learn about growing your audience, surviving writer’s block, etc.? That’s just ridiculous. And yet people try so hard to rip money off of people.


  6. I’m still cracking up over the horse urine hahahahaha! Also I don’t understand a lot of these outrageous prices either, I’m all for paying for things (if I have to) but ONLY if I know what I’m getting is good value for money. Free things are always good, but again – only if that free advice/product is valuable! 😀


  7. $700 for 2 hours of coaching on how to blog? It’s all over the internet if you just look, that is madness! I loved the horse pee scam haha.


    1. Exactly! At first I wanted to link the person who put such price, but I figured that they don’t deserve more viewers because of me lol
      And yeah that scam was quite fun, I never tought it would be that easy


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