3 Motivation tips that don’t work and why

Motivation: the desire to do something besides staying in bed, doing nothing all day. I do believe that we all have a bit of an issue with the lack of motivation on some days.

Lately, I noticed that a lot of people mix excitement and motivation. They seem to believe that they only need something exciting to do, in order to be motivated for something. That’s usually not the case. It certainly helps that you’re excited about doing something and it helps to build the motivation. But mostly to keep yourself motivated, you just have to find something that you need. As soon as a “deed” or an action is on a way to meet your need you’ll be motivated to do it, solely because you need it. But on the other hand, if you’re only excited about the idea for something, without needing that thing it can happen that your excitement will go down the drain along with the non-existent motivation for it.

I’m one of those people who have a hard time finding the motivation to do stuff and not long ago I realized why. To motivate myself I always followed the “tips for motivation” and those tips were busted from the beginning. If you look at human psychology, they are made in a way that induces laziness, even if they look motivational from the beginning.

Of course, I’ll now name the top three motivational tips, that are useless and why they fail.

1)    Write it down and you’ll do it
This one is a bad excuse of a tip. Because, if you write it down you feel like you already achieved something, therefore you don’t feel the need to do anything else but to write down what you want.

It’s like you know “I just did something towards my goal and now I deserve a break” after that, people usually don’t go back and do what they wrote down (unless you have the need to do it.)

2)    Try to do your best
Most people interpret that as “I’ll just try and whatever happens, happens.”  They don’t actually do their best. I know that “do your best” seems like a great and motivating sentence it’s actually just a good excuse to do a bad job or not do it at all because you tried your ‘best’ towards it.

3)    Be positive and want it
I am positive about getting a unicorn because I really want it! And there is no way for me to get that unicorn. In case you did not understand the reference, you can be positive and want something, but it doesn’t mean your goal as that is possible to achieve. You need a plan, not just a wish.

Basically, most of the motivation tips lack efficiency because you don’t have a need to reach your goal. To tell it simple, even if you really want something, it doesn’t matter that you believe, that you need it.

Like stated in the first sentence of this blog, motivation is a DESIRE and the ultimate desire of humans is powered by their NEED. Why? Because a need is something that is necessary for an organism in order to live a healthy life. Needs are distinguished from wants by that, in the case of a need, a deficiency causes a clear adverse outcome: a dysfunction or death.
Needs can be objective and physical, such as the need for food, or psychological and subjective, such as the need for self-esteem.
There are also needs of a social or societal nature. [Source]

If you make something to be your need, you won’t feel de-motivated to do it. Tell yourself that you need to reach your goal, not just want it. However, when telling yourself that you need something, make sure to make it reasonable and simple. Don’t push your need far into the future like “I need this because I want a bright future.” rather tell yourself that you need it now in order to have a free weekend.

Right before I end it, I’ll throw in a pro tip. While you work on something listen to music! Don’t listen to your favorite music, rather find a heart pumping soundtrack. It’s best to use (action) movie soundtracks or video game soundtracks because they are made to motivate you (to watch a movie, play a game while you’re doing it). So why not use it to motivate yourself to do other useful stuff?

Pink Pear Bear

37 thoughts on “3 Motivation tips that don’t work and why

  1. I have the desire to sit like a lump on a log in my pink pussycat pajama pants and Homer Simpson slippers. I’m not really one to be motivated to do anything. I’m a “spur of the moment, vacuum the shit out of the floor” type of gal. Whenever I try to motivate myself to do something, I usually fail. Since that always happens, now when I think about doing something and I have the time, I go do it right away before I plant my ass on the couch and turn on the laptop again.

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  2. Great points! Especially about how you have to do more than being positive about something. I think you are right and so often in society they tell us we can do anything! Which is great, in theory, but many people are lazy and don’t actually go after what they want. lol


  3. I have days like these once in a while, but it’s usually because of the weather (I live in Belgium). Usually, I find a way to get back on track. Great tip about the list 🙂


  4. I seem to be the opposite lately I started using a chart, it’s weekly separated into days I write what i need to accomplish in it and then it gets crossed out when it’s done. if i don’t do it there’s a “penalty” either I have to do my partners chores that day or i don’t get to watch an episode of my show that sort of thing and it’s been helping 🙂 however in terms of “just try your best” or “be positive and want it” don’t work for me

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  5. You are so right about “This one is a bad excuse of a tip. Because, if you write it down you feel like you already achieved something, therefore you don’t feel the need to do anything else but to write down what you want.”

    I had a time where I’d be so motivated and write everything down but end up doing nothing on the list. Terrible!


  6. I have to write stuff down to my calendar if I want things to get done, writing to do lists is not my thing haha 😀

    <3: Jasmin N

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  7. I’ve found it’s a lot more helpful to write down your goal (just one) and then write down the specific steps you’re going to take to get there, and then paste it in a visible spot. The time spent brainstorming this is very productive, because you’re actually making a plan on how you’ll go about reaching that goal. Also, when you feel like quitting, you’ll have the plan staring at you in the face, and you’ll remember all the little steps you can take to get back on track. This is a lot better for me than just writing down random goals (or wishes) and making a vision board or stuff like that. If you don’t get specific, it doesn’t work.


  8. This is such an interesting take on these tips, and seeing it from your perspective, made me look at all of them in a whole new light!! I’ve fallen victim to making lists of what I’d like to achieve in the future, only to feel down and disheartened when very little of it comes to fruition-what you say about this is absolutely right!! I’ve also previously been the type to plan lots of exciting events as things to make me motivated, only to feel a huge crash in my mood and motivation when the event is over, and there’s a long time to wait until the next one. I’m trying to motivate myself in small increments at the moment-setting tiny goals in the gym and regarding my fitness, and very small changes to my diet-this incremental approach has kept me motivated more than overloading myself with unrealistic expectations! Thanks for the fresh perspective on this!


    1. I’m glad my post helped you see things in a new light! This is actually the reason why I started to blog. Thank you for your comment and I wish you best luck with reacing your goals.

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  9. I found this really interesting! It’s great to see a new take on the hackneyed topic of motivation! I also find that just because I write something down, won’t mean that I’ll do it! It just makes me gaze and the paper and feel guilty haha! 🙈 I do find that looking into the future does motivate me in some cases, like thinking how the work I did in the first year of my degree would secure me a good grade a couple of years down the line. The music advice is great though – nothing is more motivating to me than the Mulan sound track haha! 🙌🏼 Thanks for sharing this, Annie!

    Abbey ✨ http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk


  10. Hi Annie, I can never get my head around spending time writing things down in the hope to get motivation from it. I had a friend who suggested making a ‘vision board’ to help reach a goal, but my logic was that the time spent creating a ‘vision board’ could actually be spent working towards my goal and like you I’d think I’d done enough already.

    I do know that if I really want to do something I will. Love the idea of listening to an action movie soundtrack, I do listen to music, but it could probably more ummmphy.



  11. A “Things To Do” list can work for many people but not for everyone. It not always works for me. I think we need to have a plan of priorities.


  12. I’m a list person myself. Otherwise I’ll forget! I get satisfaction from crossing stuff out. So I guess that part works for me. I need to cross them out haha. I do listen to movie soundtracks though. Favourite: the Darth Vader march lol.


  13. I find lists of lists everywhere that I’ve forgotten about! I like to employ the’two minute’ rule – if you can do it in under two minutes, do it right now. Do not procrastinate. And I totally agree about the fast paced music – I can clean up in a whirlwind if I have fast dance music on :0


    1. I tried the two minute rule and it didn’t work 😥
      But at least music works for me so I got that going.
      Thank you for reading my post! I hope it was helpful or at least a bit insightful.


  14. Making a list actually does work for me because I like to check off things from my list when they’re complete. That’s the part that is satisfying for me!


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