D*ck pics and nudes

Oh yes, we’re back to the “kinky topics”. Remember my post “How to compare bloody and hard, in a right way?”.

As a person who uses Kik, I often come across random nude pictures and those of male genitalia. I never quite know what to do with them or why they were sent to me.

So as an extremely curious person I decided to ask about it and the next person, who sent me a picture of his not so gloriously erected man part, became my test subject. Uhh.. Test subject might be a bit exaggerated. Well, let’s just say that I thoroughly questioned him.

Basically, what I found out was that

  1. He tried to wind me up or make me horny
  2. He thought it’s a good idea
  3. He was bored

He obviously failed at attempting the first one… Because he did not wind me up in any way. I didn’t get angry, just curious about why it happened, like stated before. Neither he made me uncomfortable or tense because to me genitalia is just like any other organ. Seriously sending me a picture of your penis has the same effect as sending me a picture of your hand. The picture also did not make me tense or horny. Because that’s not how it works.

But yeah I do believe that most females would get extremely uncomfortable if they would get a picture of some random dude’s genitalia or even angry because they did not want to see it. The look of genitalia alone is not too pleasant for most people if they are not sexually involved with the owner of the body part. Also, I don’t think any guy would get turned on if a girl would send them a picture of their genitalia. Yes, ONLY their vagina… Would you even know what it is, close-up on a picture, without anything else around it? So why do guys think a picture of their penis would turn on a girl. It just makes no sense. But you get a gold star for trying… I guess…a gof of a shocked person

Obviously sending out a picture of your erected manhood, to other than your significant other or the person who asked for it, is not a good idea, neither it’s funny or clever or whatever you think it is.

But of course, it’s your body so do whatever you want with it… Same goes for nudes. That seem to be in favor of female population. Personally, I don’t do, take or send nudes. I know that for some long distance couples sending nudes it one of few ways to get sexual in the periods of not seeing each other and I have nothing against that.

Neither I have anything against people who randomly take and distribute their own nudes (or genitalia) for whatever reason. It’s your way of sexual expression and there’s nothing wrong with that. The only problem occurs when people think their personal pictures are safe.

Like c’mon, you put it on the internet or better said on an electronic device. You can’t ignore the fact that someone CAN abuse that (Please note that I didn’t say that they will, only that they can).  It baffles me that ladies (and some gents) believe that their personal photos are safe. I’m not saying all ex-partners are assholes who will send out your personal photos, but some are. (If you ever distributed your ex’s nude photos, well you’re not a nice person…)   Also, some people just like to “snoop” around and embarrass others.

So basically your nudes are the safest not taken or… You know done the old fashioned way, printed on a paper and saved in a hard cover album.

Anyway, people be safe and don’t be stupid. Even your dick pic or a casual nude can come around and bite you in the ass. We’re already way too exposed on the internet, don’t do something you’ll regret.

43 thoughts on “D*ck pics and nudes

  1. I totally don’t understand why those type of men think sending women nude pics is going to excite them. And I agree when you stated it is like sending a picture of their hand. It doesn’t do anything to most women because it takes a lot more than a nude picture to excite us LOL.

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  2. I’m so thankful that I never had to deal with that. Usually men just send selfies of themselves to me but they don’t receive one in return and get the picture.

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  3. Awesome job pointing that out! I don’t get why men would think that it’s enticing to see their… private parts after a few casual conversations or even after you send them a hello through text. It’s not going to do any good for both parties so why do it, right. Lol.

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  4. I think it is so weird!!! A few months ago, I decided to open my snapchat account to be able to receive messages from my followers… well, that lasted until I opened the third message! So annoying!

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  5. Never take pictures of yourself in a compromising position. It never ends up well. Nowadays phones save things in multiple places making “deleted” pictures turn up again.

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  6. Hahaha yeah these have never really been my cup of tea. Several years back I was texting with a guy from Tinder who I never ended up meeting in person. At one point, he was like “I’m in one of those moods … do you want a picture of my dick?” I responded with “No, that’s not so much my thing.” He’s like “okay, no worries” and we continue chatting for a few more days. One day I forget to respond to him for like a day or so. The next text he sends is a dick pic. I dunno if he was just like “well screw it … she’s not texting me back. I’m going to send it!” But if I had any intention of texting him back … well not after that!



  7. I have never received a dick pick and thought “thats awesome” to be honest I dont see what the point is. of course that is just me though.


  8. I agree it’s just not a good idea—I wouldn’t even put it out there for my Hubby much less a stranger, I like your point if you are not involved at that moment a photo is just as effective as any other body part IMHO even when you ARE involved at that moment it’s not HOW IT LOOKS that turns me on……….


  9. I never understood why someone would do that! I find it stupid, to be honest. It has happened to me on Twitter. I stumbled upon a picture of this kind once. To tell you the truth, I immediately unfollowed the guy. I felt offended.

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  10. I’ve never understood the point in there pics. I would never think of sending something like that and I am one of those people who feel uncomfortable. Although great point, why should it? It’s just part of the body.

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  11. It’s not very pleasant, that’s for sure, especially if you barely know the person and you’re not even interested in dating him. I just hope these dudes realize that there’s a time for it, it’s not something that send out randomly. Lol.

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  12. I can’t understand sending to strangers but I can see if it’s for someone you’ve been with for a long time and trust wholeheartedly. If you’re not willing to have the world see it, don’t do it!


  13. I think people don’t realize that once you send a picture out there, it’s going to exist FOREVER. You think it’s deleted. But it’s NOT.


  14. Very interesting article. Yes I agree people who send pics online of their genitila are only attracting trouble in the long run. It definitely wouldn’t turn the majority of women on either. Not a good idea.

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  15. What a spot on article! Luckily I’ve never got a random dick photo, but some of my friends did and they didn’t appreciate it too much. Sometimes it seems that we become slaves of our phones in too many ways, and we don’t even care about it… Anyway, thanks for sharing!

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  16. Oh gosh, that sounds like the worst idea. Why do people do it!! Thanks for letting me know to stay away from those sites!


    1. Well to be honest this kind of behavior is found everywhere on social media, so people who haven’t stumbled upon it are really lucky XD I only gave Kik as an example because I experienced it there.


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