Feminism and equality

As promised in my post “Feminism at it’s best” (where I didn’t exactly talk about feminism but about a female with a bad attitude) I will write a post about feminism.  And here it is.

So basically feminism, in a nutshell, is a range of ideological movements that supports the rights and equality for women.

Personally, I don’t call myself a feminist or put myself into any ideological group apart for the one that’s my own common sense and thinking. Even if I might fit into a group, I wouldn’t want to be labeled as a person who belongs anywhere. However, this is not about me so moving on!

I have to say that I absolutely support any ideological group (apart from those that are destructive by definition) including feminism. I think it’s great that there are people who fight for a good cause.

But of course, like any other group, even feminism have extremist. And yes with extremists I mean the “I hate men they should die” kind of people. It’s sad that the minority of people who are like that represent the entire group of feminists. It’s obviously not the lone case because we can see that problem with many ideological groups.

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It’s sad that those self-destructive people have such strong voice so they eventually muffled all those with a good intention.  Personally, I believe that those extremists are undereducated and ignorant about the real causes of the group that they’re trying to represent. So they only look into their own benefit or better said, they only voice what they think they represent. Therefore they have no right to call themselves a member.

The behavior is obviously destructive and harmful, not only for those who are the real feminists but also for themselves and everyone else involved. The “Feminazis” (as the internet calls those extreme feminists) are people that need to be silenced and not advertised and blown up on the big horn, so to speak.

But of course, it’s a normal occurrence in the human society. People share and talk about those who are destructive and don’t fit into the real ideology. That’s simply because the Feminazis are more entertaining because people can laugh at their general ignorance. Of course, that sets off stereotypes and pushes the people with good intentions into a pit of hatred.

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If people would stop generalizing and just think about WHY the specific group was formed and only hear the people who are trying so hard to push their good intentions into someone’s ear, we would have a much better world. But of course, that’s not how it works because people move with the flow of the majority.

I can say that I hate people who put a shadow on people who are trying to do good, just because of their own selfishness. It’s pointless to hate men. It’s pointless to set ridiculous ideals that have nothing to do with social equality.

I said social equality because I do believe that’s what feminism is about? Please correct me if I’m wrong.


Anyway, we’re on the second part of today’s blog. The equality!

First of all males and females are not equal. And by that I mean we are not biologically and psychologically equal.

That part is obvious, right?  Ladies have female parts and Gents have male parts… The physique of our bodies is different, we have different hormones or we lack on/have more of the gender-specific hormones. There are some additional body organs at one gender that the other one don’t have… Female’s brain works slightly different than male brain…  I think you understand my point so far.

So based on that, I believe that laws and working conditions should be out in a way so it benefits both genders. That does not mean that anyone should have better conditions/pay or better opportunity than another. I just think that we need to take it into consideration that females do get pregnant. That doesn’t mean that females should be kept as a “side worker” just because they CAN give birth to new people. Meaning the fact that a specific candidate can get pregnant is immediately makes them an undesirable candidate for the job.

Just wrap your head around it, people. If you want babies, you have to realize that there’s someone who has to give birth to it and that someone is also completely capable of working while they aren’t pregnant or taking care of the new creature in its first months. Like I said before working conditions and laws should be set in a way so it BENEFITS BOTH GENDERS!

Females need a pregnancy and baby care leave and males need a daddy leave also an “I need to sort out some emotional stuff” leave. (I think the second is needed, both genders are emotional.)

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So yeah, I think we should treat both genders with respect and not stereotype one’s abilities. We’re all different, yet all capable of doing the job we desire to do, no matter the gender. Of course, some adjustments must be taken into consideration for any extreme occurrences, other than that working conditions and laws should be made to benefit people in a rightful and justified way, no matter the gender.

No gender should be superior to another because both genders have a set role in the world (biologically speaking) and no one should take the advantage of that.

Of course, the problem with that occurs mostly because of social and religious views of a given society. It’s close to impossible to change someone’s views when they haven’t changed in centuries. No matter how primitive the views, as long as there is a society that supports them, there’s really nothing we can do.

In the past, those problems were solved or changed by force. As an example, I’ll give the Christianization of Slavs. Their beliefs and culture was whipped by force and a foreign religion.

I don’t think we evolved past that behavior, but in a sense, we do see it as unethical. However, I can’t say it won’t happen again with some other religion.

Anyway, because we’re not talking about religion (I’ll probably write a post about religion too), I’ll go back to equality.

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I don’t think we can achieve equality, but big thumbs up for those who believe it’s possible. Keep believing in your dream! But I do believe that we can achieve JUSTICE. And I also believe that’s what people mean by advocating equality.


What do you think about the topics?



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43 thoughts on “Feminism and equality

  1. Feminism is such a difficult topic to cover as is covers so much. I personally don’t participate in any particular movement as not to be biased. This was a great piece to read about it.

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  2. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a feminist. I do understand what these women are fighting for though. But for me, both genders experience something that shouldn’t be done to them, especially during times like this when we’re so “advanced” and “educated”

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  3. I have recently been discussing feminism with my daughter. Its a hard thing to try to explain to an idealistic 12 year old. Unfortunately in todays day and age things like this have many connotations and are looked at in many different ways.

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  4. OMG… my post about feminists just went live this morning. I think everyone should be treated equal, but it always seems one sided, loke as a woman we should be able to do this but if you’re a man you can’t do what us women do. It’s horseshit.


  5. A great write up on the issue! Sensitively and skillfully written. I believe that Feminism isn’t and shouldn’t be about male bashing but fighting for the rightful place women deserve be it at home, at the office or the society in general. A place of respect and dignity. Having said that, no one should be superior than the other or any less relevant or inferior. Men and Women are both equals with different purposes to serve as you rightly mentioned. And therefore, men can be feminist too when it comes to respecting the women in their lives and fighting for pushing equal laws and better working conditions for women. My first fiction novel “Transcending Parallels” has four female protagonist.Does that make me a feminist? Interestingly, I was asked the same question by DJ Chu, from 98.9FM Dolphin Radio Station, New Orleans, Illinois, US when she interviewed me. It was an interesting and a thought-provoking session with Aiden, a Co-Host from Ireland. When I was asked this question, my response was “can’t I speak about women without being labeled a feminist?”
    And if speaking about women or causes related to them makes me a feminist then I’m also an animal rights activist since I’m an “evolved” vegetarian, I’m a social activist since I believe in equality for all irrespective of their caste, creed, color of their skin or their sexual identity or orientation to say the least. So the basic point is equality for all.


    1. Thank you for your comment! And yes I absolutely agree with what you wrote. And I don’t understand why people feel the need to label one as something just because they have an opinion or hold a statement about it. It seems silly to me.

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      1. I guess it becomes easier for people to identify others when you put them in little slots and boxes. That’s they wanna label them and that’s precisely what I’ve tried to say in my Blog Post “Love in little boxes!” I’ve mentioned it in my post and I have always held it that labels are for shoes and their place is at the bottom of our feet, in the dirt and not on our foreheads. It’s time to ditch all labels and treat people with equality.

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          1. Hahaha I sure did… It’s also on my instagram… it’s about ditching all labels… If you have the time you can read about it in the Blog Post titled “Love in little boxes” Coincidentally it was my first actual post too on this blog after my introductory post. I thought equality would be the perfect note to start this blog on… It was in the wake of the wretched Orlando shooting and I thought it was important to talk about the issue of equality and gender sensitivity. Talk about coincidences! lol

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  6. Hey, I definitely agree with your point about supporting any ideological movement which is about the empowerment of a misaligned group. I think that is something we should all be doing, but then if we did then we wouldn’t have to worry about people being misaligned in the first place. I do believe it’s possible for equality to come about as to me equality means people are given a fair start in life and also given the same tools as others to make the best of their lives as well. But it is a really difficult topic to talk about without confusing points and causing complications I think at times.

    Lauren 🙂 x

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  7. Great Post! I definitely agree with what you say about the extremists being the “face” of feminism – a lot of people still don’t understand what it truly is, and though I probably wouldn’t call myself a feminist as I don’t partake in anything to do with it, I totally think this image of feminism needs to change to make people aware of what it actually is. However this is probably not as easy as it sounds!

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  8. I agree with the entire post. I myself are an advocate of equality but i don’t go to the lengths of slamming other people’s perception. Each one of us had our own ideas and preferences and definitely respect should be in equal parts as well.

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  9. Love your post! Itself don’t like to be put into a pigeon hole, I don’t like name or labels, I think that everyone should want equality among all humans but unfortunately the world we live in isn’t ideal. The whole feminism movement seems to be pushed back with those out there that call themselves feminists and don’t actually know what it means… and feminazis. I agree with your post 100% #blogwarts

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk


    1. Thank you for reading, glad you agree! I’m honestly suprised that this post is getting so many positive replies! I guess feminazis haven’t found me yet lol 😛


  10. Very well written! Every group has an extremist population and I think it’s says a lot about humanity on how we focus on those individuals, rather than the majority.


  11. What a well-written piece, Ravenclaw! Agree with you, I think a lot of people forget that feminism is about equality, not about women being better than men. Because of the more vocal feminazis, feminism has been tainted.

    But you are also right, equality might be hard to achieve because women and men have differences. So maybe justice is indeed a better goal instead of equality.

    (Came here from Blogwarts!)


  12. This is a very complex issue like most of your commenters have already said. I self-identify as a feminist because for me feminism simply means acknowledging men and women are different but equally worthy of respect and the opportunity to live their best lives. Whether it means a man is working in a traditionally female role or a woman is working in a traditionally male role, they both deserve to be paid fairly and to do their jobs without obstruction. I think as a whole people should learn to be more open to hearing other’s perspectives without judgement, it would go a long way towards improving so many social problems. (Sorry for the long response)


    1. Exactly! People forgot how to listen to one another, or maybe we never knew how to do it. It’s sad, because a little thing like that could do so much good for the entire population.


  13. Awesome post!! You make some excellent posts about feminism and that first quote is SO applicable here. It IS sad that those few crazies in a group are the ones that control the general feelings of said group from the outside looking in. It’s horrible!


  14. Great post, it’s a complicated issue. I think that for now at least it’s not possible to gain equality because for true equality to come about for both genders it can’t lean to benefit one side more than the other, if women want full equality that should also mean having to take on the negatives of equality aswell such as when it cames to the law.


  15. Sorty that I won’t post long comment but I read the whole article and all I can say is that I agree – both with feminism and the way it’s put behind by feminazis and with equality (nit existing) too.


  16. Great post! I definitely think that there isn’t full equality and you always get those who comply/prefer with what they see as gender norms on both sides. It’s a very complex issue! Interesting post! Janet #BloggerClubUK


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