6 things I HATE about the blogging community

We all know how beautiful and talented bloggers are. How amazing and creative they have to be, in order to write a bombastic blog that everyone’s going to read.
We also know that bloggers are nice, supportive and kind and of course, they are always there to help.

Blogging communities are the best and there is never anything that could destroy the peace and harmony among those people.
They are like the mystical unicorns of perfection.

And we shall cut the crap right here.  Of course, some bloggers are like how I described them above. But that’s by far not the big picture here. Blogging communities, just like any other community have a huge amount of errors and today I’ll spill the beans on those that I noticed.

1) Constructive criticism

There is a huge lack of constructive criticism! Actually, there is no criticism at all. Everyone’s like “Oh you’re so perfect/beautiful/smart.” Etc. Like… I didn’t ask for that… Tell me what you actually think, bloody hell… I don’t need a pat on the back it won’t get me anywhere it won’t make me any better than I am now…  All the nice talk makes everyone sound so insincere, because NO you can NOT think that everyone’s good at everything and NO, not everything that a blogger writes is agreeable. So please tell what you think already!

There’s also the thing with reviews. Cause, most of them suck. If you don’t like something just says so, dude…  I know that you’re paid to review, in most cases. But do you really think that companies want only the “omg I loved this” kind of reviews? You can be honest if the product didn’t work for you, but you also have to make sure you do that professionally because no one likes to be brainlessly bashed.

2) Bullying and harassment

No matter how people think or want the blogging community to be a nice and supportive one, you can’t ignore the fact that we’re all in a competition. For views, readers, subscribers, comments. It’s a life or death situation! (Okay, I’m exaggerating but you get the point.) And wherever there’s competition there will be harassment and bullying (read more about bullying here). So yes bullying is not nice and by far not cool, yet people who are desperate, see it as the only way to get rid of that annoying little b**** who can’t even write a decent blog/take a picture/ or whatever else.

So dear blogging children, because yes, if you bully you’re a little kid to me. If you can’t play nice with others, don’t play with others. Go to your corner and see what happens when you have no support from other people.

3) Drama

Oh dolls, we’re at my biggest pet peeve, but also at my favorite activity. I love to follow drama because it’s so hilarious. But of course, it’s only funny as long as people still talk with a little bit of sense. When sense is out of the window my fun goes with it… I lost you at the pet peeve, right? Well As much as I love drama, I also hate it. For most cases, drama is caused by a butt hurt person who accused another person of something they didn’t really do. But the first person thought they did.

I saw so much drama in my life that could be ended if people would simply LISTEN and not just drag on their own fallen agenda the whole thing became a bit stupid.

4) All for one and one for none…

I HATE that I have to point out this one but here goes nothing… Have you even been in a position in a Facebook group, where you put hours into doing the group threads and follow the rules and commented/stumbled/pinned/tweeted EVERY blog post that was shared, because it’s a nice thing to do, only to come back to nothing? Or maybe ONE person out of 50 that you gave your helping hand returned the favor.

If I know that you didn’t do what was requested and I see you in a group thread again, you can be darn sure that I will not do anything for you.

Also. I absolutely hate it when I get a half-assed comment on my blog post just because you have to write it for the sake of the facebook group. At least TRY to pretend that you read the post and not make it painfully obvious that you didn’t even bother to take 2 min to skim it.

5) Empty promises

This is almost the same thing as the 4th one, but it deserves a special place in he-… I mean this blog. There are people who promise you things, nice things, shiny things, things that are called readers… They post their statuses promising that if you scratch their back they will scratch yours. And they leave you itching after you helped them.

Dear people who do that. If you do it, no one will ever trust you again. And you’ll find yourself without friends and without viewers. No one appreciates being screwed over, so I don’t think you want to deal with angry bloggers…

6) Blogging awards

Let me tell you. It’s EXTREMELY hard to make a completely fair competition for bloggers. Mostly because the person who starts the whole project has a limited reach therefore not EVERYONE interested will know about it. Also, people tend to choose people who they like. And there’s nothing wrong with that! But it also does not mean it’s fair. That’s why when you do run a competition or awards or whatever, make sure to:

  • Specify your reach and limit it, either on the county, niche or whatever else, know your power on that one
  • Specify for who it is! You can’t say it’s for everyone while you only have 3-4 niches in it.
  • Do not use people for judges! Use a randomizer. Yes, you can find those things online.
  • Know that there will be people who will NOT agree with the way you do stuff and that’s okay. Consider their ideas for the next time you do a competition.
  • Know that you’re not perfect and what you’re doing is not without flaw. You’re a human, not a magical unicorn.

And for those in doubts, yes I ran competitions and awards, so yes I know how it is. But still, you as a host have to be the smart one because no one else will do that for you!

But hold on… That’s not what I wanted to point on about the blogging awards… I wanted to say that I personally find they useless unless they are you know… given by someone that can make the award official. So no, not everyone who thinks it’s a fun idea to have blogging awards, can actually do it properly.


I came to the end of my fairly long rant so for the finish let me tell you this.
All of those actions are perfectly understandable even logical. Why would someone help their own competition? that would make no sense! But still people, there’s no need to bullshit each other. You don’t have to put on your “nice mask” just so you can stab someone in the back right after they start walking away with a smile on their faces.  Naturally, not everyone’s like that. Not everyone’s a self-obsessed freak who only knows how to benefit him/herself.  But a lot of people are and they need to rethink their life choices, in case they have any…


39 thoughts on “6 things I HATE about the blogging community

  1. Fortunately, I still didn’t have any shape of bullying experience when it comes to blogging, but I can imagine it can’t be good.
    As for reviews, as you know I’m in a book blogging comunity and I can tell you I HATE it when cerain bloggers rate five stars every single book they read. If you do that, I can’t take you seriously, I’m sorry. Sad part is, most book bloggers aren’t even paid to review, they only get book for free. What, are they afraid publisher will stop sending books their way if they rate in less then 5 stars?! *eyesroll*
    I have to admin I am guilty when it comes to your facebook page. I really don’t like going on facebook so I didn’t contribute for your group at all. I’m sorry. :/
    Blogging drama – I don’t like it either, most of times “drama” is overdone and I don’t even see what the fuss is all about. Sometimes it’s okay to dissagree. Bookbloggers can also be pretty harsh when someone has different opinion then most of them, and trust me, I don’t like how they respond and sometimes even book bloggers on wall of shame.

    And here’s the thing I HATE THE MOST – and from my experience the most times I noticed it was coming from beauty bloggers and lifestyle bloggers, but don’t get me wrong, probably all “genres” of bloggers have that kind of members (plus I noticed some authors to do it too) – They go on twitter, follow you and as soon as you follow them back they hit the unfollow button. If you do that, that speaks only of you, and it doesn’t say anything good. You will lose any kind of respect in my eyes.

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  2. Wow. This was an education. Who knew? I’m a toddler blogger at best. The sugar coated support is nice but some constructive feedback would be ok. I can’t get all involved in comment wars and codependent group competition things. I think I’d rather keep it real. If I don’t value someone’s writing I won’t follow them or bother commenting. I have a full time job. So, this was…enlightening. Thanks

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    1. Thank you for reading. And it’s inderstandable that newbies would do that, but the problem is tjat a lot of “expert” bloggers are wraped in a cotton candy cloud and can’t see what’s going on
      Thank you for reading

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  3. Fortunately I’ve missed most of the drama in groups I’m in. Most people in those groups are helpful and supportive of each other. What’s hardest for me is commenting on and sharing blog posts I’m not interested in and don’t fit my niche audience. There are many subjects I don’t have Pinterest boards for and that I’m pretty sure my Facebook friends won’t be interested in. Those would include affiliate marketing posts on products I would never buy and don’t care about. Many people don’t have much content and their pages look more like product catalogs. It’s really hard to come up with thoughtful comments for those kind of posts. Sometimes I don’t even try and just post to G+ or Pinterest if I have an obligation. Those posts are written for those searching Google for the products, and the posts aren’t really interesting or relevant to those who aren’t looking for reviews on that product or wanting to buy gifts.

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  4. OMG! We could be best friends! I am such a non-follower that none of this stuff affects me. However, you are so right on the money. In my honest opinion, it isn’t just the blogging community. It is the world at large. I shall be keeping an eye on you my new bff. You blog about science, I likey.


  5. OMG! We could be best friends! I am such a non-follower that none of this stuff affects me. However, you are so right on the money. In my honest opinion, it isn’t just the blogging community. It is the world at large. I shall be keeping an eye on you my new bff. You blog about science, I likey.

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    1. I’m glad you like it XD
      Even tho my science is and will be mostly just me ranting about EVERYTHING I find interesting. But of course most of my rants are based on countless articles and other stuff I read lol


  6. Ha, I have found that most people have actually done a pretty good job reciprocating likes, comments, etc. However, I would definitely agree that they don’t leave nearly the comment quality that they should and it makes comments null and void of anything worthwhile. I mean when you leave a comment, usually you are leaving your site that you can be reached at in that comment! So, if you aren’t going to have anything intelligent to say in a comment, why would anyone want to click through to see YOUR site? You are, effectively, wasting your time at that point.

    For constructive criticism, I am my own worst enemy. I read a LOT of content within my personal finance niche to get better at how to make my points and how to work my angles into the community. I still have a long way to go before I get to the professional level that some of these people’s writing skills are on. But, by continually pushing myself by researching and learning from others, I’m growing. I don’t really both asking others to grade me because I don’t feel that others care about your work the way you do.

    Anyways, I’m sure you’re happy to have that rant off your mind now, huh?


  7. I LOATHE half baked comments. I will go out of my way to return thoughtful comments left, but the ones that are just telling me it looks yummy (food blogger here) are not my favorite at all.

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  8. It’s such a shame about bullying! I haven’t come across it yet. But I’ve definitely found the empty promises… I was probably naive and read these promises of ‘link a blog post and I’ll read is if you read this’ and thought I was onto another page view, another possible commenter to interact with. I have learnt that this is probably not gonna happen now but I still fall into it sometimes… In hope! Great, honest, to the point post!

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  9. I am newbie blogger & reading this has made me a little nervous! But I am glad I did, because sometimes as a newbie it takes a little time to understand all the different rules of the groups! It is a little overwhelming! I do my best to adhere & be supportive, but I am sure I have broken a few of these rules a time or two! If it was to you…sorry!

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    1. It’s understandable to break the rules when you’re not familiar with them, especially when you’re a newbie. The sad thing is that there are some people who constantly let others down


  10. I hate bloggers who have a pop up email subscription follow me where ever I go. I can find the box on my own.
    I also hate people who write about their day to day lives as if we are super close friends and I give a shit. I don’t.

    My bud Stacey sent me over to you 🙂 Glad she did.

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  11. What’s interesting is that I don’t see any of this… None. Probably because I don’t associate myself with any of this. I am a very positive person who never tries to offend or attack anyone, thus they don’t do it to me either. It’s just blogging. HAHAH. But I mean, I have heard stories about the bullying and it’s absolutely mind-blowing to me.

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  12. I love your post! It is so honest, true and straight to the point! Ah, am so glad that I am not the only one who thinks and feels this way! I have spoken my mind about this in the past and gotten attacked for it (drama queens)! I like people who say what they think on my blog, tell the truth about what their opinion is on the post whether they are commenting because they want to or participating in a thread. If you cannot be honest, then what is the true point in all this. I am so grateful for your honesty in this post.

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    1. The sole purpouse of my blog is to be honest and voice my opinion on things that people would mostly like to keep quiet 😛

      anyway thank you for your comment! I’m glad you liked the post and I’m sorry yours got attacked… I’m actually suprised no one decided to drag the drama into my comments, yet


  13. First off; a big thank you for this post!
    I would like to weigh in, if I may:
    1. Constructive criticism
    When I find blog posts that are just plain wrong, I will write a response that is factual. I will also raise my opinion on racist and judgmental posts. I will make sure I do not attack them personally, but an idea is fair game, in my opinion. I have learned – the hard way – that bloggers really do not like that. They want you to limit your comments to “OMG, great post!” and the like. They do not want – and yes, I am generalizing – a respectful and factual discussion of the topic they have raised.

    2. Bullying and harassment
    I agree with you, and don’t have anything to add, really. I have seen it happen, and I have raised my voice against it, and that didn’t resolve anything. Well, perhaps the person being harassed felt some sense of support from me, at least I hope so.

    3. Drama
    Thank goodness I have not seen so much of this yet. A blogger tried once to engage me in some drama, so I just put her on my block list where she can sit in the dark and be dramatic. Life is just too short!

    4. All for one etc.
    Absolutely see what you mean. I do try to read and comment, like, follow the blogs I read, but sometimes I’m just not interested enough in that particular blog. That does not mean there is anything WRONG with the blog nor the blogger; they just have different interests than me. And that is OK. But at least they do get one extra hit in their stats – that’s something, isn’t it? Oh, and I have to add that I am not good at sharing posts that I like on social media, that is something I need to get better at.

    5. Empty promises
    Again, something I am unfamiliar with. I haven’t made any deals with anyone, and do not know how this would work at all.

    6. Blogging awards
    I have entered a couple competitions and even won one. I don’t see the problem with them, but I have never run a competition myself.
    The awards that I have a love/hate relationship with are the chain letters like Liebster and premio dardos. Very nice to be nominated, but the work of writing a post and making it fit the theme and genre of your blog is challenging. Yes you gain a few new readers, and that is fine, but then you keep being nominated again and again, and then it feels uncomfortable to turn it down.

    Now do I have anything to add to your list? Well, I do have things that irritate the crap out of me, like long texts that has not been divided into paragraphs. When I hit those I just close the browser down as I just cat be bothered to read it – no matter how interesting the topic is. Also overly negative texts that offer no solution, no glimmer of hope, irks me. I don’t want to fester in someone else’s misery, especially when you see they are just out fishing for sympathy-votes. Does that make me sound cynical and heartless? Oh well ;-p

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  14. There’s just so many things that needs to be pointed out and you basically said the things that we need to hear in general. There’s also discrimination and racism, to be honest. Especially in some blogging groups. We’re all in the same industry and if we keep destroying each other… well… good luck to this industry that we’re in!


  15. I’m really sorry you’ve had such negative experiences as a blogger. I would suggest maybe changing communities to get away from the negativity.

    As for me, my only blogging peeve is blog posts that are not thought out and seem to be written in journal form as opposed to something that you expect someone outside of yourself to read and enjoy.

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    1. I’m actually in many communities and all of them have those or similar errors. And of course it’s completely understandable, aferall we’re all human.

      And yes! I can totally see your point on “journal like” posts. To me they seem like the person published something, just for the sake of publishing it.


  16. #1 – ALL THE WAY! I also hate that I basically have to be positive about everything, even when what I really want to say is things are crappy. Life is crappy. That’s life. I’ll get through it but right now all I want to do is scream. When I feel this way, I take a break and come back feeling less like I’m going to scream.

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  17. Wait…there are blogging awards other than that bullshit Leibster award and that other one you won, which name I totally forgot? Yes, most are backstabbing prude little bitches who do intact resemble unicorns who shoot glitter out of their ass. They’re all perfect. When I want constructive critism, I want it. Don’t blow smoke up my ass because I do a perfectly good job at doing that myself. Don’t get me started on the follow, tweet crap, a lot of people are too afraid if they tweet someone who isn’t a “mommy blogger” their reputation will be ruined. As for the leaving meaningful comments on the comment posts there are a few I have a very hard time responding to and I can’t even get two words out, but I totally try. I actually failed miserably on one today (which I’m sure you figure out soon if you read the comments). Anyway I hate fake, superficial happy people.

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    1. Yeah there are actually “competition” kind of things, to get an award for it, where people enter and after that get voted for the best whatever… Now that’s bullshit… Liebsters award is at least a bit useful (in case you don’t have a post and need a quick way out :P)


  18. Yeah. Most of the things you shared I have personally experienced & found them to be true. Blogging is risky business. You put yourself out there, but there is a chance that things will not go in your favor. I do, however, try to do what I say I will do. You can gain a reputation for being consistent, honest & reputable. Unfirtunately, you may still be drinking the hatorade from your competition.

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