27 Things you didn’t know about me

Hello, everyone! It’s so nice to have you reading this. If you read my blog at least twice you noticed that I like to rant and to make things balanced, I’ll rant about myself today. So I’d suggest you read on and have a peek inside my head with these 27 things you didn’t know about me.

1. I’m medically odd

With that I mean that my heart is rotated in the wrong direction, I kinda have some diseases but not really (You can read a post about it here) and other stuff doctors can’t explain…

2. My brain is weird

Yeah, this needs a separate paragraph, even though it’s in a way a medical issue. Basically, my IQ is fairly above average and my brain can work on complicated issues and solve them faster than an average person would. YET my brain also mindfucks and confuse itself, can’t solve a simple issue just because the solution is so simple it looks stupid and too obvious. Not to mention it keeps overthinking and overcomplicating simple social happenings making it almost impossible to not freak out around people at first.

Rezultat iskanja slik za awkward  gif

3. I’m ridiculously sensitive to scent and sound

Not only that the sole sound of someone voice or their odor can make me love or hate the person. I also get a headache, get dizzy or even sick if I come across a scent that’s too strong (and other people don’t even care about it) or if the sound is just a bit too loud or have an “odd” frequency. So… Let’s just say that I’m not a fan of perfumes or colognes and that I absolutely can’t stand the sound of saxophone, among others…

4.  I sometimes eat weirdly sweet food combinations…

Like Nutella and tomatoes or pickles… French toast sandwich, with Nutella, peanut butter, and a banana, inside.

5. … But besides Nutella, I’m not exactly too excited about sweet stuff

I admit I love cookies and pancakes, but I always look for combinations that are not too sweet. Like using dark chocolate and using half (or less) the sugar suggested in the recipe for any dessert/sweets that I make.

6. I can’t tell left from right off the bat

So I always have to make the thing with thumb and index finger (Forming an L on the left) to tell them apart.

7. I can write ONLY with my left hand….

I can also write/read mirror writing, as well as write and read upside down (from right to left).

8. … However I can do everything else with both hands equally

Rezultat iskanja slik za limitless brian finch gif

9. I can make amazing first impressions

And have a lot of acquaintances who would love to become my friend, but I usually don’t keep in contact with people, simply because I don’t share their interests and even if I do I find it hard to talk to them in order to maintain an actual relationship.

10. Actual relationships are incredibly complex for me

Even though I know what you want, what are you trying to say, how you feel and how I’m supposed to react, I still can’t express my own feelings in a way people would understand them and accept them.

11. I’m a sarcastic asshole

When I get comfortable around people. I love to tease people and joke around, I also usually test and slightly push the boundaries of people who I accepted as my friends. However, I’m not always playfully sarcastic, because I’m also extremely comfortable around people that I don’t like. So if I’m being obviously mean to you, it means that you better leave me alone, because I don’t like you. If I do like you, well I’ll tell you.

12. I’m extremely loyal and protective

I will raise hell and make you rethink your whole life decisions if you hurt any of those few friends that I have or anyone that I care about.

Rezultat iskanja slik za I'll kill you gif

13. I can get violent if people touch me

I can’t stand getting touched by people unless they are close friends or family (and even in that case it’s possible to get punched if the person surprises me). If someone, who I don’t particularly like or think of them as my friend, touches me they will most likely get punched or elbowed, whatever is more convenient at the moment. I swear it’s not something I do on purpose, it just happens, so it’s really hard to not do it…

14. People think I’m quiet

Because I mostly am. But it’s just because I’m usually not exactly interested in the topic that is discussed. If it happens that I’m interested in the topic I’ll talk like crazy and there will be no way of stopping me until I tell what I want.

15. I can seem inactive or even lazy

But it’s just because my brain is constantly overworking. I plan, think out blog posts, learn and study, rethink everything that I ever learned and attempt to make clumps of useful knowledge out of it. Did I mention that I remember most of the things that I ever read?

Rezultat iskanja slik za going mad gif

16. I don’t consider learning college material as studying

Because memorizing 1000 pages per subject is not a problem. The problem occurs when I have to figure out how to present the knowledge I have on the level that my professor wants it.

17. I have superiority issues

Or better said I don’t understand the social ranks. I see every person on this planet as an equal. I don’t care if someone is my boss, famous actor or a homeless person. That basically means that I’m polite and mannered towards people I don’t know or those that I supposed to see as “higher” than me.

18. I tell it how I see it.

That means that if I think you’re doing a bullshit job I’ll tell you that, in a nice and polite matter, unless you start acting like a fool. In that case, I’ll probably get a bit mean. So yeah I do get in trouble with people quite often.

Rezultat iskanja slik za being honest gif

19. I don’t understand what “professional” means

This is basically part of the point 17, but still. I seriously can’t be “casual” and “professional“, I can only be me. I can be polite and act according to the situation, but that’s the best proxy for me being professional. However, that politeness can fly right out of the window if the person is not acting accordingly.

20. I mirror the other person’s attitude

You probably noticed that so far because of the points above. But I’ll say it anyway. How I am towards someone is completely dependent on how that person is towards me. If you’ll be an asshole, I’ll find it acceptable to be an asshole to you. If you’ll be nice, I’ll be nice to you… However, I’ll still tell you if you’re full of shit no matter how nice you act towards me. I’ll just use nice words to tell you that.

Rezultat iskanja slik za mirroring  gif

21. I hate to get interrupted

You might think that one is obvious and that everyone hates that. But it’s kinda complex when I get interrupted because I usually have too many thoughts in my head and if you interrupt me, my thought flow will switch and I might start explaining something completely different to you after you interrupted me and not even notice it.

22. I get distracted easily

So yes, I’m not ignoring you or trying to be mean, I simply forgot or got distracted with something. Just um… remind me of your presence again..

Rezultat iskanja slik za getting distracted gif

23. I can be confusing.

Actually, I am confusing most of the time when I’m trying to explain stuff. It happens because I forget that people don’t draw conclusions as I do, also they don’t have certain knowledge that I find “common sense”, so I often forget to explain things or add information that is absolutely needed in order to know what I’m saying.

24. I often seem stuck up or like I think I’m superior to others.

It happens mostly because I have some knowledge that other people don’t have or my perception is simply extremely different than that of the other person, so simply saying anything makes me seem like a stuck up snob.

Rezultat iskanja slik za eyeroll gif

25. I don’t like to be labeled as smart or intelligent  

It’s because I know that I don’t know much. I have a need for knowledge and even If I MIGHT know a bit more than the next person, I still don’t think I’m smarter. I simply believe that our knowledge is different.

26. I’m honestly just trying to help you

No matter how mean I sound, I’m just trying to help you. Even though I’m criticizing you I’m only doing it for your own good… Or at least I believe so.

Rezultat iskanja slik za I'm trying to help you you jerk gif

27. I’m not an atheist, yet I’m not exactly religious either

I believe that everything has an explanation, we’re just not evolved enough to be able to explain it in a way so everyone would understand it. Also, I find religions fascinating, just as much as science.


Phew… I’ll stop now… I feel like I could write more but this already got way too long, so I’ll leave it at that. I hope you enjoyed reading.

Of course, this is only how I view myself, it possibly differs from what others think.

41 thoughts on “27 Things you didn’t know about me

  1. I enjoyed learning stuff about you, you remind me of a few friends who have at least one of those things that you said about yourself, like the over-thinking thing. Or maybe that’s me? Hmm, maybe so. But I couldn’t tell. I’ll see if I’m one of those. Just maybe? Who knows, haha!


  2. You dug way deeper than other people would go. You were designed to be exactly who you are and you do a great job at embracing it.


  3. This was fun to read. I’m also sarcastic around people I’m comfortable with and can’t stand to be interrupted. It’s fun to see how our personalities make us, well, us.


    1. That’s the thing, I don’t see myself as unique of special. I’m just another version of a human, afterall we all have our quirks, so I couldn’t call mysefl any more special than the next person.

      And yes I absolutely agree with you, being sarcastic towards assholles can get quite handy


  4. It’s always awesome to get to know the person behind the blog. I like that you’re very frank and honest, we need a lot more people like you in the world. Thanks for sharing these tidbits about yourself, remember we all have our own weirdness!


  5. I wanna know how you got that last gif? Lol
    Super long insult.
    And one question; after you’ve made this list, do you think you’ll ever change yourself?
    Or do you want to change?


    1. I honestly don’t remember… I wrote this post yestarday … actually today at 3 in the morning and I legit don’t remember anything useful, besides that I obviously put it together lol

      And to answer your question, I am changing trough time, we all do. But no I don’t want to make a big change just for the sake of it.


  6. We are so alike it’s crazy, although you got me on the smart part. I’m not so smart. I was reading this and I was like, holy crap…she really is the much younger version of me. FREAKY….maybe we hail from a long line of sensitive, don’t fucking touch me, don’t interrupt me because i’ll forget what the heck I was talking about and leave me the fuck alone sarcastic assholes. Love you long time!


    1. Oh I see. Well it’s good that you can cope (in some situations). I couldn’t say if I have any disorder, since doctors can’t exactly diagnose anything lol


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