Politically incorrect; How to trigger a Drama Queen

Hello, everyone! Let’s start this post with a fact about me, as if I didn’t talk enough about myself in my last post. The thing is that my communication skills are extremely limited to sarcasm, banter, metaphors, figures of speech, in-between lines talk, exaggerated examples and political incorrectness. So to be real, it’s hard for a person who’s not used to all that to actually understand me and not get instantly offended by my “ignorance”.

The sole time when I’m actually being literal and not joking around is when I’m trying to make a point, after you either got offended because you missed the point, if I’m talking about serious issues or if I’m actually trying to offend you (and even those times are rare as I prefer to speak metaphors).

I understand that my writing style can be offensive to some, even though that’s not the point of it. You might wonder why I continue to use the writing style when I know how it affects people. Well, it’s simply because that’s how I am. I’m the most serious jokester that you can find. Ahem… Actually, to be real, I’m just a writer who can’t get out of her skin build in 11 years of writing.


That said, what I write often unintentionally set off a huge outburst of drama. It really seems that people love to start up and stir drama as if they don’t have anything better to do. Sometimes it looks like people wait and watch until another, mentions something that can POTENTIALLY be offensive, just to burst up and start an argument.

It’s honestly extremely annoying to me when people get offended or act like something I wrote is offensive while 100 other people didn’t see anything wrong with it. It’s so odd to me. Why would you hang onto one word that MIGHT be offensive to someone (not even you) and not look at the whole sentence to see the actual meaning of the said word that bothers you. I sometimes feel like people who stir up drama are either illiterate or maybe they just enjoy arguing.

But seriously those Drama Queens, that I came across, mostly act like advocates of whatever, even though the person who they advocate for did not see anything offensive with what I said. I usually don’t know what to say about it other than “Excuse my exaggeration, and figures of speech, what I wrote should not be taken literally”.

The problem with this is that they are trying to get me to stop using “triggering words”. Excuse me for being an ignorant prick, but if you ask me anything can be triggering or offensive to a certain group of people. So in order to not offend ANYONE, I’d have to crawl into a hole and cease to exist.everything

I know that certain words linked to certain diseases, medical conditions, occurrences and things like that, may cause discomfort to some people. But seriously, we can’t stop using them just because it might potentially hurt someone.

I’m saying that mostly because I don’t use words in order to hurt or cause discomfort, but sometimes I use potentially hurtful words, just to exaggerate a certain point, or it’s used as a metaphor.

All those trigger words or better said all words can be used with multiple meanings (except for scientific terms and even those can be improvised with), as metaphors or are used as a buffer for the meaning. Like mentioned before, I’m writing for quite a while now, so I understand how simple words can affect people, also that all words can affect people, so to me, there’s really no such word as trigger word. That’s because any word can be used as a trigger word in the right content. What I’m trying to say is that what matters in writing and communication is the OVERALL meaning and context, not the meaning of a single word without that said context.

Now let’s go back to the drama queens for a moment. I know that drama can be fun and entertaining, when it’s done in a contained and controlled way once it gets out of hand it turns into a brainless bashing and showing off one’s writing skills. I honestly don’t understand why people start drama over unimportant things and make them seem like the world’s biggest problem. At least start a debate about something that actually matters, because no, no one really cares if your nail polish is brick red or rose red, or if guys have to put the toilet seat down or not, it’s just a convenient way to distract themselves from things that actually matter…


Also, there’s one thing that people usually use as an excuse for starting drama: “I was just expressing my opinion.”. You’re wrong my darling. If you would be only expressing your own opinion it would not turn into a full-blown drama, because you would be able to contain it in a civilized discussion.

30 thoughts on “Politically incorrect; How to trigger a Drama Queen

  1. I know a few people that would fit the descriptive, “drama queen.” They are all the time trying to start something. It is really amazing to see what little thing they can turn into something big.


  2. I don’t like drama or drama queens. I’m not sure what words you’re referring to, so I’m not sure I agree. I do think people can be pretty ridiculous with taking offense to things, but there are some things that just cross the line.


  3. I am so tired of people being offended at every single thing that you post. Where’s the freedom of speech? I think it’s better to just not mind those trolls because they really love drama and everything that goes with it.


  4. I’m not sure I 100% agree but I definitely know a lot of people who like to be different and vocalize it in an immature and dramatic fashion, so I definitely see that one.


  5. I agree that people seem to be so offended now. We should be mature enough to have different opinions with someone but still respect them.


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