[RANT!]The life of a blogger, student and a part time jobber

“Why don’t you go out more?”
“Why don’t you hang out with your family more?”
“Why are you always on your laptop?”
“Why don’t you get a job?”
“Why didn’t you go to that lecture?”
“Why do you never clean the house?”

Those questions and much more are asked by my mom and are a part of my every day. Now let me first tell you that I’m a full-time student, have not one but TWO part time jobs and I obviously also run a blog. So sometimes, “normal” everyday activities are impossible.

Let me first describe my regular week goes…. I get up at 6am so I can be at college at 8am. I sit there till 2am and dash straight to work at 3pm and work till 8pm. After I get home and sorta collect myself it’s usually 10pm and after that, there are homework, assignments until around 1-2am. During weekends I usually work 10-14 hours and after that, there’s blogging.

I think it’s quite obvious why I wouldn’t feel like partying on a Friday after I get home beat from college and work, knowing that I’ll have to get up early anyway to get to my other job… Not to mention I can’t stand parties, not only because my brain absolutely hates clubs (I kinda have epilepsy), but I also dislike crowds of people and loud music.

Also with my packed schedule, I just want to be lazy and do nothing when I’m lucky enough to get some time off. Of course, that’s not possible, because when it happens I get bombarded by household duties, that my mom seems to be unable to do. I mean c’mon, just let me be… Also, she works 6 hours a day I think she could find the time to do the bloody dishes…. Or at least tell my brother to do it, so they wouldn’t be piling up when I get home

I know that I’m turning this into a rant about my mother, but I can’t help it. I’m working my ass off and she’s still nagging me with everything. I get it, she wants me out the house, and trust me I want that too! But I can’t do it, I have to pay for college and everything else. The only thing that I’m not paying for is the rent.

Now, I’m not complaining that I have too much on my plate, quite the opposite, I like to be busy. Even though I do burn out a lot, I still prefer this than doing nothing. I just want my mom to give me some peace. After all, I did promise her that I’ll be out of her house as soon as I finish college. I can’t say It helped…

I also don’t quite understand her thinking I mean I already have two part-time jobs (at that time I can’t get a full-time job, because of college). Yet she wants me to work even more because “I’m always on my laptop”. It’s like she can’t even see that I was not at home the whole darn day. I literally go home just to sleep.

The worst thing of it all is that I can’t even talk to her, about anything. She lives in her own perfect world and if someone won’t do as she says she’ll be absolutely impossible. She has this idea of me in her head and she won’t accept the fact that I’m nothing like she thinks I am. We haven’t had a proper talk in 7 years and I live in her house.

In a way I understand her, she wants me to succeed (or that’s what I tell myself), but she’s going really wrong about the whole thing. I mean she never nags my brother about anything and he’s a bit of a disaster in school… She’s completely fine with that just because he “has a life” (He’s going out with his friends all the time).

Okay, I ranted enough! Now you tell me. Do (or did) your parents nag you all the time, no matter what you did? Also if you’re a young adult (19-25 years old) and you live alone, can you tell me how the freak you manage to do that?! Any help is welcome at this point.

22 thoughts on “[RANT!]The life of a blogger, student and a part time jobber

  1. Every parent wants their child to succeed. But what’s different is how they perceive success. Their definition is based on how society sees success instead of how their child feels.


  2. IP Blocker on your laptop a lot. It just goes with the territory. I have people in my life I don’t understand that either… But that’s okay.


  3. I think this is a phase that everyone has gone through. Once you are through and look back, you will realize that it was not that big a deal after all. Both of you were right in your own way.


  4. Good way to destress about it by writing your thoughts. You are so busy. That is a good thing. Don’t let her damper your aim. You seem to be striving in the best way you can and that is not a bad thing. Keep on keeping on.


  5. As a WAHM, I’m used to these questions. It’s called, I’m succeeding at parenting and my career. I made a ton of sacrifices with my social life, but I will thank myself later. I really don’t care what others think.


  6. I don’t manage that stuff with a husband who only works part-time! Deep breaths, smile and carry on doing what YOU want is the best way to handle it 😉


  7. I’m an only child, so my parents are always wondering what I’m doing. When I’m doing it. WHY I’m doing it. It’s just them being parents I suppose. I bet I’ll be the same with my kids.


  8. I agree with Mihaela. It’s completely normal to feel the way you feel and thank God for blogging as you have a means to express your frustration. At the end of the day, you know what is best for you and as long as you are happy with it hat’s all that matters. People will always have something to say about how we live our lives.

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  9. People have different views of success. and i know it can be hard when your doing the best you can and others are saying your being lazy.


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