Versatile Blogger Award

Ola everyone!

I’ve been, once again nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! I find it absolutely awesome because it’s a quick way to get a blog post together without too much effort. Also, I mentioned this “technique” in my post 7 Tips to have infinite blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers.

To be honest, I planned to post this one last week, but I feel asleep before I wrote it… And the next day… Well, I just didn’t feel like writing it so I didn’t post anything.

Enough of that! Moving onto the award. First, thank you, Crystal Gard for nominating me! I really appreciate the fact that you thought of me.

Next, let’s see the rules:

  1. Show the award on your blog
  2. Thank the person that has nominated you
  3. Share 7 different facts about yourself
  4. Nominate 10 – 15 blogs of your choice
  5. Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination

Now you already know that I talked a lot about myself in my post 27 Things you didn’t know about me, I decided to share 7 facts about my JOB, even tho I already have a blog post relating to my work thoughts 40 thoughts after midnight.

Anyways. The facts:

  1. I work for two companies. For the first one, I work in a stationery store as a shop clerk. For the second one… It’s a hotel and well I’m everything there. A waiter, bartender, night receptionist, kitchen staff…. Anything they need me to be.
  2. Both my jobs are part-time jobs.
  3. I can’t actually pick which job I’d rather let go if I’d have to.
  4. Everybody is the boss of me, but both my (actual) bosses are awesome [big bonus when I need to make arrangements around my college schedule].
  5. At my second job (at a hotel) everyone’s looking out for me all the time, so for most of the time, it feels like all the staff is one big goofy family.
  6. Neither of my part time jobs is something I’d want to do for a living.
  7. No matter that I have two part-time jobs, I’m still chronically broke.


Okay, that’s it for today… And if you didn’t know already… I can’t follow rules, so I’ll just nominate every blogger who reads this. Have fun writing a post!




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