Letter to myself

So I was pushed on the bandwagon on Twitter by no one else but John Sennett himself. And the rambler that I am naturally I couldn’t do the requited thing in a TWEET. Please don’t be silly, that would be impossible… So I decided to write a blog post.

So here we go…

Dear Annie of 2017,

In 2017, you’ll get out of your shell and stop being an observer. You’ll start to DO stuff. For example, you will make friends even if it kills you. I’m serious you need people in your life. Especially the people, who will support your wildest, craziest ideas.

You know you can adapt to any situation and perform your situational job with ease. You just have to find an activity that will keep pushing you in different situations, like volunteering. Start volunteering even though your current attempts to get involved with volunteering failed, it’ll all be better next year. Trust me I’m a psychic.

In 2017 you’ll visit the UK, Worcester to be exact. You will get to go to that student exchange, even though you’re completely broke at the moment and scared as hell. You can handle it no biggie. (P.S.: Beg grandparents for a loan.)  

Once you’re there, you’ll also meet bloggers that you know from twitter, even if you’ll have to bribe them to meet you. Meeting bloggers is a must!

Since you already finished a course for a masseur, all you have to do now are the following. Start with public speaking. Like darn, there has to be someone who needs a blabber mouth to present something or talk at an event or something.. Also! You will start with a language course. First, there’s German. Because yes you suck at it and you have to re-learn it. There’s also Russian and Spanish. I know you probably won’t learn all of those in 2017, so stick to German for now. And yes I know there a gazillion other languages that you want to learn but take it easy…

Besides all that, you’ll also find a dope job that suits you and that you can handle while going to college. After all, you do have college to finish too in next 2 years… Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Just keep it simple okay? Stop over thinking and complicating things and just do it. Something’s bound to come out of it. You can do it!


Annie of 2016

3 thoughts on “Letter to myself

  1. Aw I love this.. such a great read! I am completely in love with your blog too, keep up the amazing work and I hope you have a lovely 2017 gorgeous lady x



    1. Thank you so much! I’m really happy that you like it!
      I took a little blogging break for the Christmas and New Year, but I’ll start posting blogs again next monday.
      Also have an awesome 2017, may all your wishes come true.


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