4 things about New Year resolutions

The time of eating till you drop and having last-minute runs to the store for Christmas gifts is over. That means it’s time for New Year’s resolutions! Or are they over already?

I couldn’t say I never made any New Year resolutions. Why you may ask. I’ll tell you of course.

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I could never figure out what my resolutions should be and IF I managed to find a suitable resolution I couldn’t figure out how to make it happen. You might be laughing by that point, shaking your head, and tell me to just do it. Well, that’s not how it works with me. If I want to achieve something, I need a set goal and a plan. And that plan needs to be done in crazy details.

So long-term planning is impossible for me because you simply cannot oversee everything and of course my brain needs everything set or I’ll give up on the thing altogether.

I suppose you figured by now that I won’t be sharing my New Year resolutions. Instead, I’ll tell you what I think about resolutions.

  1. I find them funny

I mean c’mon…. Did you really just got all the motivation in the world to lose weight? Because yeah, around the people I know the most common resolutions is that a) they will lose weight, b) they will eat healthily or go to the gym, or c) they will become a better person altogether. From that point the resolutions are funny. I mean just because it’s a new year ahead of you, it doesn’t matter anything will change.

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Please know that I’m not trying to mock you for making resolutions. In fact, I look up to you. You made more than I ever did. Congratulations!

2. They are useless and useful at the same time

How many people that you know actually followed through with their resolutions? Few? Two, three? Maybe… I couldn’t say really. So I suppose you know why I might find new year resolutions a bit useless after all, people don’t really do them.

But of course, there’s the second view to this. Some people need those resolutions to start doing something. For some reason, they get a huge boost of motivation that they usually don’t have. And that’s great! It’s amazing that they’re actually doing something with themselves, or at least, they try to.

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3. I think people make too big of a deal out of it

People always ask me how come that I don’t have resolutions, goals, and stuff like that. The thing is that I do have goals, I just don’t put a time limit on them, or set them in stone. Because I’m unable to do that. I mean I could change my mind about it in a minute. But would that make me any less able to reach my goal? No, not really. I’ll do what I can no matter what my goal is. Set or not, in the end, I’ll just do what I want and that’s one of many ways to reach a goal.

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Basically, it’s odd to me that people all move in a herd when it comes to this. It’s like one person started it and everyone else feels the need to follow the example. I can only wish people would do that with more important things. Or maybe at least follow an example of someone other than a gym junkie…

4. The timing is quite inconvenient

C’mon, it’s New Year…. You just gained an extra pound over the holidays… Give yourself a break for a day or two. I do believe that people can’t make rational decisions in extreme situations. So why not wait with your resolutions until like… The end of January? You know if everyone starts doing things at the same time, it’s quite chaotic. So why not start doing your resolutions at the time that’s the most convenient? I’m quite sure that you can’t start a flower garden in the middle of winter and you’ll most likely forget about it till spring. So, yeah… Make that resolution/goal in spring and start with it ASAP. Makes more sense, doesn’t it?

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Resolutions and goals are amazing. However, that doesn’t mean, that you have to have them for New Year. Just collect them and achieve them as you go. Over the year, over the years. I’m quite sure that by now you know that “New year, new me” is bullshit. It’s new year, same you, if you’re not serious about changing something.


So in the future, make sure to pick your goals carefully. Do what really matters to you and don’t just jump on the band wagon, just because. It’s your life, live it yourself, not by the mold of someone else.

Also know that it’s okay to change your goals, after all, we’re all just learning, living and changing. Embrace that and don’t let the change of heart discourage you.

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