10 facts about working in a restaurant

Like I mention many times I have two part-time jobs and at my hotel job, I have two job positions.

In my post 40 thoughts after midnight, I illustrated how nuts my brain goes while I work my night shifts in hotel’s reception, today I’ll tell you what’s going on in the same hotel, but this time in the restaurant.

You might find this post completely out of the ordinary, maybe even offensive, yet on the other hand some people will relate to it on every point. Please know that this will be entirely based on my own experience and it probably won’t portray what’s going on in a regular kitchen. Also, brace yourselves, Gordon Ramsay gif’s are comming.

1) The bar and in the kitchen are two completely different worlds

It’s a fact that both places need an insane amount of teamwork that needs to be perfect as there’s no time for mistakes. Everyone knows their place, what to do and how to do it to not be in the way.

On the other hand, in the bar people (waiters) act professionally, there is no yelling and everyone knows their place. The customer comes first. While in the kitchen there’s yelling, cursing, no one’s professional and customer might as well get yelled at if they dare to walk in.

2) Kitchen is the ‘let it out’ zone

As a waiter if you ever feel like yelling at someone, all you have to do it go in the kitchen and yell and curse your heart out. There will be no judgment no weird looks, but you might get yelled at for “slacking off”.

Rezultat iskanja slik za gordon ramsay gif

3) The pirates are among us

Personally, I view restaurant clerk (waiters and cooks) as pirates. Everyone’s cursing, there’s sexism, sarcasm, inappropriate jokes, butt slapping, insulting, etc. Everything, a person would normally want to avoid. But it’s also the reason why I love working there. People are acting like complete assholes without even thinking about holding back.

We all know that all we say will stay among us and if we do insult each other it’s purely to joke around. I believe it’s a defense mechanism that keeps people from going completely bonkers. Because let’s face it, anyone who ever worked with customers (retail) would love to punch a person from time to time. In a restaurant, the pressure is the same if not worse, so having a way to let it out without involving clients is a good idea.

4) Your name doesn’t matter

You’ll get a nickname (or better say serval nicknames) in the first half an hour of working there. The nicknames vary from funny and cute to completely insulting and bold. It depends on how the person is. Newbies usually get one nickname from the cooks and one from the waiters, but if they don’t like you everyone will call you by a different nickname, that reflect what they think of you.

Rezultat iskanja slik za gordon ramsay gif

5) You know “what’s up” the minute that it happens

Did something wrong? Fucked up an order? Hit on the wrong person? Did the absolute best job ever? No matter how big, small, important, unimportant, good or bad thing you did you will know what your co-workers think about it. Like I mentioned, no one is holding back, so if you deserve to be yelled at you’ll be yelled at if you deserve a praise, you’ll also get one.

Rezultat iskanja slik za gordon ramsay gif

6) The “bro” game is strong on this one

People here are insanely loyal! If there’s a problem here are people who’ll help you through it. It dosesn’t matter what happened if you need support you have it. Even though it’s mostly in a form of few bottles of Jack Daniels and the whole staff stays with you, whole night getting pissed drunk. After that, when everyone is sober and back to work (usually the next morning) there’s actually a conversation about how to handle everything.

Also, everyone just takes care of each other. Everyone makes sure that the person next to them feels okay, eats okay and is not too overworked. I wish all jobs would come with staff like that…

cooking gordon ramsay hells kitchen gordon fucking ramsay

7) Being the true part of the staff is the easiest yet the hardest thing ever

I’m not talking about being employed the work begins after that. If everything clicks and you can loosen up you’re good. But if you’re planning to be a stuck up bitch, no one will like you and you’ll have the best working experience ever. People will not purposely try to make you miserable, but you’ll be miserable because you’ll get offended by everything.

8) Working hours are inhumane

You’re basically a call girl/guy. Meaning you have to get to work when your boss calls you and tell you to be there! Even though there’s a set schedule, you still can get a call to get to work in case things get crazy and there’s a lack of people to do all the work. On the other hand, you can also get send home early because there’s simply not enough customers…

Rezultat iskanja slik za ramsay gif

9) It’s not for everyone.

I guess that one’s logical, but considering the working environment, long hours, hard work. You really have to be all in or be out. I guess that’s why students are not the most valued working force in this business, but still an extremely needed one.

10) There’s never a dull moment

Seriously this job is so much fun! It’s all thanks to the people I work with. We either entertain each other with jokes, teasing, dancing and blasting music in the kitchen or just having random outbursts of blabber. And YES we dance in the kitchen if there’s time of course and my boss (the head cook/chef) constantly sing-along to the music we have. It’s priceless.

Rezultat iskanja slik za gordon ramsay here we go again gif

I’ll finish here. I guess I just wanted to give you an insight of how the relationships run at my work since I didn’t want to bore you with actual work stuff. I have to say that I do love my job, it’s fun diverse and it always keeps me busy.

How about you? Do you like your job?

What is the worst and what best thing about it?

41 thoughts on “10 facts about working in a restaurant

  1. I’ve no experience working in a restaurant but I think it’s going to be quite an experience. The food and beverage industry really works hard and it’s their determination that brings out good food and good dining experience. It was quite fun reading all these facts.

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    1. Hi! If I understand you right, on WordPress, you can add twitter in “sharing” and it’ll automatically post blog updates to your twitter. If you need something to schedule tweets you can use buffet, hootsuite or tweetdeck. I hope that helps. Thank you for reading my blog and so sorry for a later response, for some reason this comment was in spam…


  3. I’ve never worked in a kitchen, have worked part time in a bar and that was an experience. I work in child care at present – the best thing is having a positive influence on children. The worst thing is being pooped on!


  4. This is why I try to tip well. I’ve only worked as a hostess or to go food preparer ( in a Chinese restaurant) and even those were hard enough.


  5. This reminds me so much of when I was younger and I worked in fast food! Those were some of the best jobs I ever had in terms of the working environment – always surrounded by fun-loving people who could joke and laugh together while getting things done. In other work environments, I’ve seen enough backbiting and politicking to make me actually miss those fast food days sometimes.

    Now, I’m self employed and it also has its good and bad points.


    1. Glad you liked working in fast food, most people complain about it. But I do believe that working in fast food or restaurants and retail gives an awesome working experience, if nothing else you learn to respect the people who have it as a full time job.


  6. I can imagine it must be difficult and crazy! I’ve never worked in a restaurant before. But I’ve eaten at many and I always make sure to tip well. And be a polite customer.


  7. Thanks for your post! I’ve never worked in a restaurant so this was an interesting read! I’ve heard it’s really hard work, sounds like it can it’s fun moments too. 😊


  8. Loved this post Annie!!! Everything is so true!!! I work as pot wash and the number of times the waiters come in the back & shout about the customers always makes me laugh!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!! Brilliant Annie please keep them coming!! Xoxo

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    1. Haha I’m usually stationed at the pot wash too. Well basically they just use me wherever they need me lol
      Thank you for reading, glad you liked it!


  9. I love my job. I work in a customer service team as an Area Account Manager for a lighting manufacturer. I’ve been with the company over three years now.

    During my student years I worked for O’Neills (an Irish whetherspoons really), Dominoes, Waterstones, a small local pub and Sainsbury’s. I struggled with some of the jobs such as when I worked at O’Neills as I’ve never been a late night girl and I struggled on Friday/Saturday nights when it was always crazy busy, loud and hot!

    You have inspired me to write a list for my colleagues though regarding working in ‘customer service’. If I write it I’ll let you know…


    1. Oh that’s awesome! It’s great that you love your job, not many people do.
      Ah, I totally understand the Friday/Saturday madness, it’s crazy.

      If you remember, please do let me know, I’d love to read it!

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  10. My dad has worked as a waiter most of his life and he can relate to most of the list! I especially remember him referring to his coworkers by nicknames lol


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