Hello everyone, I am back! I hope…. I took a seriously long break from blogging mostly because I got busy one week and was absent the other one and later bouncing back seemed simply impossible.

Why you might ask? Shortly said I lost my purpose. That was triggered by me doing so many new things this year. I literally did what no one thought I ever will. I took a massage course, I began volunteering, I began to randomly wander around, I even joined a project at my college. Simply I did stuff that in my usual mindset I would never do,  I’m not sure what changed. Maybe I just got bored and doing these things seemed a good way to get away from boredom.

And as I did those new things and meet new people. I realized that they all have a purpose, or at least they have some sort of an idea what their purpose might be. I never felt like I had a purpose, so I found myself at a full stop. My mind couldn’t let go of an idea of a lost purpose and that I should probably found one.

Of course, once the first shock simmered down, I gave that assumption a nice long thought in order to figure out what’s up with it… And as a conclusion, I came to realize that I live without a solid purpose. It’ kind of logical really considering that I have a billion interests and at least twice as more ideas on what I want to do with my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not mourning for my nonexistent purpose. I actually figured that having no purpose, could in a way be a purpose itself. That’s why I decided to give my purposeless life a brain new outlook, with a new blog. I’ll still keep this blog for my usual ramblings and use my other blog to focus more on my ‘professional’ side. Meaning, that I’ll make a blog about my one passion, which is subtly following me through my whole life, and attempt to mush it together with my other passions that are linked to it.

I got to say I’m quite pumped about it even though it’ll need a lot of work and preparation before I even make it public, also it’ll be linked to my hope-to-become-a-reality-one-day business that I’m hustling and preparing to launch for about a year.

Hopefully, I’ll manage to set up everything, write few solid posts for the new blog and, you know, just to make it work until the end of summer.

So yeah busy summer here I come.

Also blogging business people, I’ve got a serious question for you. How the heck, do you legally monetize your blog, also someone please explain to me how does pay pal work (for bloggers). THANK YOU!!

That’s it for today do expect a new post next week on Monday, as usual.

4 thoughts on “Purposeless

  1. Congratulations, welcome back! In regards to monetising, if you upgrade your plan you can still do you but have ads on your posts – you can cater it to everyone or specific people. You can also look at guest posting to spread your name out there, that’s very useful. It all comes down to exposure 🙂 I personally am a new writer so I don’t know toooooo much about it – however that’s just what I’ve come around upon researching. I look forward to reading your new posts! Xxx


    1. Thank you for your comment, And I apologize for not being specific in my question. What I need to know is actually a legal background (like if you need to be a entrepreneur or register yourself somewhere etc). I’ll have to dig deeper into that XD


  2. It’s so nice you’re back to blogging, I understand completely how you felt because I have been there too. You seem like you have a talent for writing so keep it up 🙂 x


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