How to write a perfect blog post?

A perfect blog post, a bloggers dream, that will remain a dream. Why? Because as all bloggers know writing a perfect blog post is impossible. We always find that little mistake that annoys us and even if we’d re-write is 1 million times, we would still find something that just doesn’t sound right. So we mostly just give up and publish the imperfect post.

If you, as a blogger or a writer, never came across such situation I apologize and I beg you to teach me.

So instead of teaching you how to get to perfection, I’ll tell you how I write my blog posts, as that was the question that sparked this blog post.

1) The idea
My posts always start with an idea, a single sentence or a word. It’s usually sparked by an event, a conversation, a question, a simple thought or I use an idea I previously wrote on my list of ideas. My ideas are usually momentary and without a solid writing potential.

Rezultat iskanja slik za idea gif

2) The brainstorm

Later begins a brainstorm. I literally write down everything I associate with the idea. That usually provide me new ideas for future posts or give me a skeleton of a blog post. I limit my brainstorming to 5 minutes otherwise I’d get off track and begin to string together too many things that are connected on a certain level but most definitely not connected enough to be explained in a blog post I’m attempting to write.

Rezultat iskanja slik za idea  gif

3) The pearl necklace

You know how pearls are stringed to make a necklace? The further writing is much like that. I find a redline of a post based on what my brainstorm provided and write the post without bothering about anything else. The result of this is a chunk of text that roughly resembles a blog post.

4) Final touches

The final step is the toughest one since I have to write the beginning and end of the post as well as transform the chunk of text into a blog post. In this step is also editing pictures, finding gif’s and scheduling the final product.

Rezultat iskanja slik za publish  gif

As you noticed my writing style is quite messed up and I certainly don’t bother with the beginning first. I know many people fail to write a post in the desired time because they get hung up on how to start. To avoid that I simply start writing and slowly transform the jumble of written words into a post worth publishing.

So my advice to you is, just type it out and bother with tweaking later. Ignore the »start at the beginning«, why bother if it’ll only slow you down? After all, no one will know if you wrote your ending first and the beginning last. They will only see your final product.

Do you have troubles with writing posts?

Did you find this post helpful?

Do you have any tips on writing?

8 thoughts on “How to write a perfect blog post?

  1. You see, I haven’t really got a way to approach the writing of a post-usually I just have something that I need to say! But this post was useful-I need to think about how I write.


  2. I love the gifs you put here, especially the last one of course 😀
    I also just get a random idea, write it down and then I write down every single thing that pops to my mind during that day or week until I actually sit down and write the post. Sometimes I get the “perfect” sentences while taking a bus to college so yeah 🙂

    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram


  3. I totally agree with you on this – I tend to just start writing and then read over it later on to see what needs changed. I think it’s a great way to do it – you tend to be more honest, don’t overthink things too much and write better content. It’s definitely the posts that come to me as a spontaneous idea that are best received in my experience!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety


    1. Glad you agree. Personally, I always had (and still have) problems with writing the beginning or intros to anything, if they have to be written FIRST for whatever reason. it’s much easier to write it last when you sort out everything else.


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