Before I even start I’d like to tell you that this post got inspired by another blogger’s post shyness vs rudeness so please do check out Ashleigh Taylor’s blog and find her on Twitter.

I’m not a shy person (however I am an awkward one, but that shall be discussed on another occasion) so I obviously won’t be talking about shyness in this post. But I will voice an important matter of being truthful.

As I mentioned in my post Motivational speech in a nutshell I am a person driven by logic and I will always tell what I think. I have no filter and I’m almost unable to sugarcoat anything. Because of that, my snarky answers remain unsaid or, I find myself in a storm of hate. Even though I did not want to be mean, people find my way of expressing myself rude as heck.

I won’t deny that I’m often too straightforward when I could take some twists and turns while expressing my opinion on the matter. But I often realize that only after I already said it.

Rezultat iskanja slik za I'm an asshole I'm working on it gif

1) The rude potato

Let’s go back to me being a rude potato. Like mentioned, I’m not trying to be rude, people just assume that I am and mostly refuse to hear me out until the end. Or they find me rude for being quiet while I’m deep in my thoughts and didn’t even follow their group conversation. I am sorry but following a group, the conversation is legit impossible for me and I mostly won’t know what’s going on unless addressed directly. That could probably be called rude, but it’s not like I’m doing it on purpose.

2) Out of context

On another hand, my big mouth gets me in trouble more times than I’m willing to acknowledge it because I often say things that MIGHT seem rude IF taken out of context. And people LOVE to take things out of context.

ME- I fucking LOVE puppies!Person- Omg! She said the -F- word..... About PUPPIES!

3) That is so rude why would you say that??

I’m not sure if I’m really just boring when I’m talking about something, but people often interrupt me in the middle of me telling them something, to tell me how rude I am, instead of listening to the end so I can express my opinion in the full extent. It’s really annoying…

Rezultat iskanja slik za listen to me gif

I noticed that people often mistake rudeness for disagreement. If you don’t agree with something, it does not mean that the other person is being rude. It simply means that they have a different opinion. I know that sometimes people are bad at expressing their opinion, but try to hear them out at least and expect them to do so too.

Life will be easier.

Have you ever encountered a disagreement where the other person called you rude for no reason?

Would you say that you ever mistook someone for being rude when they actually weren’t and only realized it later?

What do you find rude?

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