Let’s not make perfect the enemy of good

“Let’s not make perfect the enemy of good!” I found that fine line sprayed on a wall of an underpass. I didn’t think much of it as I passed by, but my overly active brain refused to let it slip in the subconscious. Therefore I walked back to that underpass to take a photo of it because I already formed a blog post about that line and naturally I needed a photo of quote graffiti for some reason.


Moving on before I start babbling too much.

As I blogger I often stumbled upon bloggers who refuse to publish a post because it’s not “perfect”. Now I know everyone’s definition of “perfect” is different. But to me that kind of thinking and that way of writing is ridiculous because nothing is perfect, there’s always something that can be better.

Naturally, this doesn’t only happen to bloggers it happens to everyone. I remember that I once wasted a week on coloring my drawing because I couldn’t get that perfect eye color I wanted. Silly, right? Now think about how many times you did something similar and worried about perfecting something.

Mind you that I’m not talking about doing the BEST you can, I’m talking about wanting to PERFECT something. Trying to perfect something is a waste of time. You can always find something that MIGHT bother you or that you MAYBE could fix and make it better, even though there’s no need to do so.

I mean was the eye color of my drawing REALLY so important I baffled with it for a week? Hell no! Any color would do as long as the whole drawing turned out fine.

Many people are held back with trying to achieve perfection when it’s obviously not needed. In blogging the post will NEVER be perfect no matter how many times you fix it. However you can always make it the best possible, you can make it good, even great.

I think we need to stop chasing perfection and get used to “good”, as long as we do the best we can and make whatever we’re doing functional and so it makes sense, there’s no need of perfecting it. We can only make it better and better trough the help of others.

We are our worst critics sometimes. We wish to achieve something others might not even see as a problem, so it’s important to get a second opinion to see how everything folds together, with the help of an “outsider”.

This is also time efficient way to do things. Doing a good thing, instead of perfect, will get an equal amount of praise, with less gray hair on your head because of worrying (or wasted time).  After all, no matter what we do there’s always a way to fix what we did and make it better trough time and the help of others.

Have you ever tried to perfect something and later realized you’re just wasting time?

Do you think “good” is good enough?

Do you agree with my way of thinking? What do you think about the topic?

8 thoughts on “Let’s not make perfect the enemy of good

  1. I absolutely loved this. That quote is amazing & pretty much sums up my life. You are completely right, we can try our best, but don’t need to waste our time & energy expecting perfection. Thanks!!!

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  2. I just realized how much I needed this post in my life. I drive myself crazy all the time because I want ever single little thing that I do to be perfect. I need to remind myself that doing my best is enough.
    I loved, loved, loved this post.
    Thank you.

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  3. I agree with you! When I put together my blog posts, I’ll read it out loud once maybe twice. If I have even the slightest feeling that it’s not good enough, I hit the publish button because I KNOW I put my all into it. As long as there are no grammar mistakes, it is good enough. And good is perfect.


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