“There are two types of people” Challenge

I got tagged for this interesting little challenge, by Honey (who’s also the mastermind behind the challenge). The only rule is to put myself in one category even if I’m in the middle.

Why would I bore you any further, let’s move on to the challenge!

  • Wearing a bra vs. Not wearing a bra

I only wear a bra when I’m outside the house. Frankly, I find bras a necessary evil. The reason why I dislike bras is in their size. I cannot find a bra that fits, because, surprise, surprise, my boobs are not the same size. That’s why I usually wear sports bras.

  • Manicured nails vs. Non-existent manicure

I’m a nail biter and in order to not bite my nails, my nails need to be manicured and glossed over with layers of nail polish.

  • Girl who wears pink vs. Girl who wears black

Black all the way. I never in my life owned anything pink, by my own free will.

  • Tidy room vs. Messy room

I’m not gonna lie, my room is a mess, just like my mind. I can’t function if EVERYTHING is where it belongs because I will NOT find it.

  • Ponytail vs. Hair falling down

Lately, I got myself into braiding my hair, so I mostly wear them up, or in a braid.

  • One alarm vs. 10 alarms and snooze button

I’ve got one alarm, but I hit the snooze at least twice… I don’t know why I torture myself…

  • Eating pizza crust vs. Not eating pizza crust

When I was a kid I’d only eat the crust and nothing else. But yeah I like the crust.

  • Sending multiple texts in a row vs. Sending one text

ONE text. I hate people who send 20 texts in one go… Like dude, really?

  • Being late vs. Being on time

I tend to be on time if the meeting is scheduled like… A day before, so I can figure it all out. If not… I’ll most likely be late.

  • Using upper numbers on keyboards vs. Using numbers on the right

When writing text that includes numbers, I use the upper numbers, if I have to type only numbers, I use the numbers on right.

  • Cutting sandwich in the middle vs. Cutting sandwich diagonally

I don’t cut it, why would I? I’m not gonna share it. But IF I do it, it’s diagonal, because fancy.

  • Full inbox vs. Empty inbox

Full inbox, all the time, I only check it to look up the work schedule or if someone tells me that they sent me something on email… otherwise, I just occasionally remember to delete everything that wandered in it.

  • Ketchup on fries vs. Ketchup beside fries

If I’m eating only fries, ketchup goes on the fries, if not, I put it on the side.

  • Files in folders vs. Files everywhere

For some reason my desktop it quite tidy. Most files are in folders, except for those that I’m using. Like if I’m writing an essay, all files connected to that essay will be on the desktop. But I’ll put them in a folder once I’m done.

  • Lunch at 1 p.m. Vs. Breakfast at 1 p.m.

Lunch. No matter what, 1 p.m. is lunch.

  • Toilet paper towards wall vs. Toilet paper outwards

Towards the wall. I do not know why it just happens.

  • Breaking chocolate into pieces vs. Biting chocolate like a sandwich

Breaking it into pieces and munching on one piece for eternity, while my brother eats the whole bloody chocolate.

  • Eating in bed vs. Eating at the table

Table, I don’t want to sleep on crumbs…

  • Batman vs. Superman

Neither… But since I have to… I’ll say, Superman, he was a part of my childhood, while Batman was never there. Seriously, I only watched one Batman movie and that was 2 months ago, cause my dad wanted to watch it and I had nothing to do.

That would be it for today! I hope you liked it. Feel free to join the challenge and have fun with it. I’m not gonna tag anyone. So basically if you like it, take it.

2 thoughts on ““There are two types of people” Challenge

  1. Why is wearing a bra such a struggle? I’ve never met a girl who likes wearing them and I can’t live without one (and I also don’t have symmetrical boobs haha)
    one text – yas! except on twitter when I need to write smth in 1000 tweets >.<

    I'm glad you did it 😀 ♥


    1. I don’t know, maybe bras just hate me, so they make me suffer haha

      Lol, yes twitter is a special cupcake so we all have to write 100 tweets to get the point across


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