#AskABlogger | Collaboration project

I decided to start a little collaboration project. I hope bloggers will be willing to collaborate with me on this one… But we’ll see.

Anyway, what’s this about. The #AskABlogger project will be a series of blog posts where various bloggers answer a question. Those answers will be collected in a blog post. All bloggers involved will be mentioned by their answer/question.




More about this project:

  • Questions will be announced on my twitter and facebook
  • You’ll have one week to submit your answer
  • As an answer please know that you’re not writing a blog post, so try to be brief and to the point.
  • I’ll use ALL answers given and I will not edit them
  • You can ask or answer a question by contacting me on
    • twitter
      • For questions use #AskABlogger and tag @annieperception
      • For answers, it’s the best if you DM me @annieperception
    • facebook
      • You can simply answer or ask the questions in the comments under the question post  or PM me Here

Why this project?

  • It connects people
  • You find new people
  • You get a bit of promotion
  • You get your questions answered
  • Because why not

First Question: How did you make your blog into a community? ( Getting readers, friends, supporters etc)