School Fair

Hello, everyone! You probably noticed that I’m one day late with this post. Well, I have a good excuse for it (No… Not really…). I honestly fell asleep when I should schedule this and yesterday I had to get up early and didn’t even think of even looking at my laptop. So there you have … More School Fair

Letter to myself

So I was pushed on the bandwagon on Twitter by no one else but John Sennett himself. And the rambler that I am naturally I couldn’t do the requited thing in a TWEET. Please don’t be silly, that would be impossible… So I decided to write a blog post. So here we go… Dear Annie … More Letter to myself

[RANT!]The life of a blogger, student and a part time jobber

“Why don’t you go out more?” “Why don’t you hang out with your family more?” “Why are you always on your laptop?” “Why don’t you get a job?” “Why didn’t you go to that lecture?” “Why do you never clean the house?” Those questions and much more are asked by my mom and are a … More [RANT!]The life of a blogger, student and a part time jobber