Disclaimer and Schedule

General disclaimer:

  • Unless specified, pictures are off the internet. (Till 30.3.2016)
  • From 30.3.2016 on, all pictures are mine, created by me, or taken from Unsplash and edited
  • All the content is mine (unless the post is made by a guest), do not steal it.
  • Guest posts will be marked, all credit will go to the original author.
  • If I’ll be using a fact to back up my opinion, I’ll mention its origin
  • If I’ll quote anything I’ll add the source
  • You are not permitted to copy or distribute content without mentioning the original author.

Disclaimer for content writing:

  • I will use big words, bad words, and sarcasm
  • I will probably make inappropriate jokes that you might find offensive
  • My content will most likely offend you
  • MY way of expressing is my own, so you can either like and read it, or you don’t, but please don’t expect it to change

VIP Interviews:

  • When I conduct an interview with you,
    • you agree to let me use the pictures/images you provided for the interview
    • you agree that I share the links to your social media in the post
    • you agree that I advertise the interview post with tagging your social media accounts and tags you might use
  • I take the right to turn down your request to interview you!
  • I take the right to ask you fewer questions than the other person if I see it fitting
  • I will NOT edit your answers (unless if I happen to notice a spelling mistake, but that’s highly unlikely)
  • You are free to advertise the interview post however you find it fitting, as long as you make sure to mention me.


On this blog, there will be thoughts, rants, and opinions, meaning that they are something that I gathered, due to research or pure observation. It does not mean I hold them as the absolute truth. They are the momentary ‘truths’ and can change when a new knowledge is added into my thinking box (aka my brain). They are opinions, therefore you can think whatever you want about them, you can agree with them or disagree, it’s up to you. But if you have a different opinion, it does not mean your opinion is correct and mine is not, it’s just different, it’s yours (based on your knowledge). I like it when people exchange opinions (meaning you voice your opinion in a polite way and we’re good) or knowledge with me, so please do it.

Posting schedule:

  • I will post new content every Monday morning.