Here are some questions that you ABSOLUTELY need an answer to.

For other bloggers on WordPress:

Q: Can you mention me in a blog?

Yes, I can, but I’d expect a mention in return.

Q: Can I get an advertisement on your blog?

Sure, as long as you’re interesting.

Q: Do you cooperate with other bloggers?

I do if they want to.


For everyone:

Q: Who are you?

I’m a 22-year-old student of (currently) environmental protection, I used to study ecology, nicknamed Annie.

Q: There can I contact you?

Well either here or on Twitter. Or, you know just leave me a comment on any of my posts

Q: What is your view on ___?

Leave me a specific question and I’ll answer it in a blog post if I haven’t covered the topic.

Q: If I leave you a question that requires a short answer, what will happen?

I’ll either write the answer in the reply or put your answer in the Q/A category.


Please leave your questions in the replies of this page.

Unless you want to remain anon, in that case, contact me HERE.