About blog

This blog is all about my perception of the world, my thoughts, rants, opinions and momentary confusions, as well as so called ‘brain farts’, where I will turn out to be not so intelligent.

It’s also bout me! Therefore there will be stuff I like, stuff I dislike, random parts and thoughts from my every day. My art, my interests and my fear.

The blog might appear all over the place and unorgalized. But that’s how I am.

Like mentioned above there will be thoughts, rants and opinions, meaning that they are something that I gathered, due to research or pure observation. It does not mean I hold them as the absolute truth. They are the momentary ‘truths’ and can change when a new knowledge is added into my thinking box (aka my brain). They are opinions, therefore you can think whatever you want about them, you can agree with them or disagree, it’s up to you. But if you have an different opinion, it does not mean your opinion is more correct than mine, it’s just different, it’s yours (based on your knowledge). I like it when people exchange opinions (meaning you voice your opinion in a equally polite matter as I did and we’re good) or knowledge with me, so please do it.

Now you’re probably just sitting there thinking “Why the hell is she even here?!”.

Well I decided to write a blog, simply because I’ve never done anything like it before and I wanted to try! Also because I want to share my thoughts and obsessions as well as see how people would react to my opinions and what are their opinions on the topics that I’ll discuss, with myself, mostly.

Basically I want to share who I am.



If you ever have anything to say, ask, sugest, correct, etc., contact me or leave a reply down below.

I am always open for cooperation, so if you’re a blogger (or anyone else for any reason) in need or you want to be mentioned in a blog, just because, let me know, I’ll include you in a blog when the topic seems fitting, or you alone give me a topic to use.


What do you have to say about it?

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