College hacks of a lazy student

Ohhh. Look at that! Another project… Why? Well because that’s how my mind works. I constantly think of new ways of improving everything, of adding stuff, of changing and doing things. My brain’s like a windmill. It spins when there’s wind and stops when the wind stops. In my case the wind represent my thoughts. And in my head, the wind never stops blowing, it has different intervals, sometimes it’s like a hurricane other times it’s like a light breeze. But it never stops. And I can never stop twisting ideas around.

Why am I saying that? The reason is simple. Because of my thought process, I get distracted. All the time. My attention span is like 10 min, after that my brain will get caught up in another thought and I can only hope it’s connected with the previous one.

So I’m not exactly lazy, but I sure look like it to people around me. Maybe the title should be “College hacks of a student with an overworked brain” But that sounds kinda lame. I do hope that you noticed how I still haven’t got to the point of what I’m trying to say, but somehow, I kept you around… You’re still reading this!! Go me..

Anyway. In this project I’ll present you my numerous “hacks” of how to actually succeed in any kind of education facility (college, uni, high school, etc.). Well at least I’ll tell you what worked and still works for me.

So yeah, welcome to a mess of a perfectionist who always do everything in the last hours before it’s due. Let it be a project, having to memorize a 500 page book or maybe something else. Simply because her brain’s usually overcrowded to do it sooner.


If you have questions, suggestions, ideas, advice, or you want me to write a “hack” about something specific. Leave your comment down below and in anyway, have fun reading and abusing what I tell you.

But please, don’t share it with your teachers. 😛

P.S.: Any ideas, advice and other stuff will be shared in future posts. Also I will do my very best to include and answer ALL of your questions.

P.P.S.: This project will be updated in Fridays

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