“There are two types of people” Challenge

I got tagged for this interesting little challenge, by Honey (who’s also the mastermind behind the challenge). The only rule is to put myself in one category even if I’m in the middle. Why would I bore you any further, let’s move on to the challenge! Wearing a bra vs. Not wearing a bra I … More “There are two types of people” Challenge


Before I even start I’d like to tell you that this post got inspired by another blogger’s post shyness vs rudeness so please do check out Ashleigh Taylor’s blog and find her on Twitter. I’m not a shy person (however I am an awkward one, but that shall be discussed on another occasion) so I … More RUDENESS


Hello everyone, I am back! I hope…. I took a seriously long break from blogging mostly because I got busy one week and was absent the other one and later bouncing back seemed simply impossible. Why you might ask? Shortly said I lost my purpose. That was triggered by me doing so many new things … More Purposeless

Student Cooks

I guess I have a lot to say about my education lately ha. Oh well, it’s that time of year I guess. I can’t talk about the typical student because I’m fully aware of the fact that every county has a different schooling system and the advantages (or disadvantages for students). That’s why I’ll only … More Student Cooks

6 major differences between College and University

There are many differences between college and university. I should know since I went to both. Actually, I’m currently still in college, but let’s not go into details here. In this post, I’ll give you the insight in some of the most noticeable differences that I experienced. 1.Professors College Professors are NOT actually professors. They … More 6 major differences between College and University