3 things I find odd about professional cooking

I do believe that I already established that I work in a restaurant and you can see how my work goes, in my post “10 facts about working in a restaurant”. However, today I’ll talk about “professional” cooking and those who blog recipes. Yes, there are some things that I find absolutely odd. 1) The … More 3 things I find odd about professional cooking

5th chocolate festival in Radovljilca

The Chocolate Festival takes place in the old town center of Radovljica, in Linhart Square, in The World’s Largest Chocolate Bar Square, the Chocolate Park, the Chocolate Square, the Radovljica Manor and the Chocolate Dessert Square. At all these locations there will be chocolate products available for tasting. Tasting of chocolate goods takes place on … More 5th chocolate festival in Radovljilca

My Christmas menu

You know what I got for Christmas? I got fat for Christmas…. And well yeah I got socks too. However I got an extra kilo or two, purely by my own fault. That’s because me and my brother were in charge of the Christmas family dinner (9 people). And yes I know I’m late with … More My Christmas menu