Blogging Daily; #endstillbirths: Taking on stigma and taboo

#endstillbirths: Taking on stigma and taboo The main theme underpinning all recent Lancet / International Stillbirth Alliance research series and call to action is the all pervasive and deeply corrosive twin effect of stigma and taboo.The societal drive to avoid that most uncomfortable of subjects has wider impact than many would like to admit or … More Blogging Daily; #endstillbirths: Taking on stigma and taboo

What do you think would be a good game to play on a school fair?

So I’m only writing this because I need help and your opinions! I’m going on a school fair on friday (a fair where the schools are presented) and I need games that can animate those who will come around and maybe keep them interested for long enough to convince them that my college is the … More What do you think would be a good game to play on a school fair?

Hurricane [Poem]

I never thought I would get to this point. In my head, there’s a mess and my heart is in loss. Why did I do it? What did I do? Thoughts are spiraling ever since I left you.   Was it a mistake and irrational thought? Was it an error that we never fought? Was … More Hurricane [Poem]

Happy New Year!!

It is 1st January! Can you imagine, time flies so fast… So yeah, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all had fun and you wrote down your New Year’s resolutions, because if you haven’t, well you’ll forget about them sooner or later. But don’t get discouraged! You can follow your resolutions no matter what they … More Happy New Year!!


I can say that I LOVE Halloween! Wait, you might wonder why am I babbling about Halloween since it happened a fair amount of time ago and it won’t happen again until next year. I’m writing about it It’s the only time I can pull out my weirdest ideas for make-up and dress as wacky … More Anticipation