The real neat blog award

For those who read what I have to say on Twitter, you might notice that I rambled on about how I’m sick. Yeah.. I still am sick and writing a blog post was the last thing I thought about. So I have to thank Saph from The Raven Woman for tagging me because this tag saved my arse from … More The real neat blog award

7 Tips to have infinite blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers

  Today I’ll be sharing my spy-like tips on how I manage to never run out of blog post ideas. Seriously besides this one I have 70 other posts planned and tomorrow that number will most likely be even higher, not that I brag or anything. But to be honest, having too many ideas can … More 7 Tips to have infinite blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers

Travel tag

First of all, I have to admit, I did not have a blog post for today because I have an exam in 4 hours. So naturally I didn’t have time to write out a full-fledged post. However, my ass got saved by Anissa Marie  because she tagged me in this. So yeah, thank you, Anissa! Now … More Travel tag

The life tag

I got tagged for this by the zapping Aqatera! Thank you for tagging me!   Favorite color? Defeating the possible belief that my favorite color is BLUE. I mean look at my blog… It could not be more blue. Well it could be but… That’s not the point of this question. Anyway, I do not … More The life tag


Now would you look at that!! I got nominated for Liebster Award! How awesome is that and it happened so fast. Let’s face it, I’m only blogging since 27th November 2015. I was astonished when my blogging buddy Adrienne nominated me because honestly, I would not nominate myself for any award just yet. I mean … More LIEBSTER AWARD