VIP Interviews

Some of you maybe remember the "Limited Edition Series" where I interviewed 
bands, authors and others. 
Well, I decided to re-brand and restart the series. 
Under a new name and with few new additions. 
I hope you'll like it! [Also please check the Disclaimer]

The VIP Interviews aka Very Interesting People Interviews will focus on EVERYONE! So basically if I find you interesting enough I’ll interview you (If you’ll want me to).

All interviews will be done trough email and each interview will have roughly 10 questions.

If you want to be interviewed, because you have something you want to show to the world, feel free to contact me trough the form below, or on my social media. However, you like it.

I hope I’ll get to interview bands and other artists as well as writers, authors, and bloggers like I used to (you can see the list of interviews at the end of this post).

This time, I’ll interview:

  • bands
  • authors
  • writers
  • artists
  • dancers
  • bloggers
  • vloggers
  • YouTubers
  • volunteers
  • organizations with a good cause
  • anyone who ever did something with their life
  • anyone with a goal
  • anyone who thinks this is a good idea and want to join in
  • anyone who is an awesome person
  • seriously people are cool nominate them

So if you want the interview or know someone who would fit in my series, contact me!
But before that, there’s just a little thing you need to know.

1.) For those who want the interview

Please make sure to include few basic things in your form and read the DISCLAIMER.
It would be great if you’d tell me

  • who you are
  • what you do
  • about what you wish to be interviewed
  • your social media links

I will also ask you to include your pictures that I can share on my blog.

2.) For those who want to suggest someone to interview

Before contacting me, make sure to contact the person who you want me to interview (AND read the DISCLAIMER)! Unless you want it to be a surprise, in that case, I’m all up for it, just make sure to tell me about your plan! Also when contacting me, please tell me

  • who you want me to interview
  • who are they (what do they do)
  • why should I interview exactly that person
  • social media links and their e-mail (if possible)

If you have any questions note them in the form.

Contact Form

On the list below you can see the posts published for my old series “Limited edition series”

On the list below are the newest interviews, done under VIP Interview series: